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Warrior Escape Online Game

Play NowWarrior Escape Online Game

    Warrior Escape, one of the action games, is a 2D arcade jumping game based on getting the highest scores while flying. Barney, the Warrior Escape character, is a space fighter with a hi-tech jetpack and charismatic glasses.

    Remember our brave hero trying to escape from the spaceship with his jetpack? It was scary, but the aliens almost surpassed it! They caught his jetpack and almost all of his clothes. So what does he have to do now in the new chapter of this arcade game? He did not give up hope of escaping from the hostile environment. He found the space pogostick and quickly scrambled towards freedom. Help our hero pass all the traps. Watch out for the platforms! Some move faster than others. The exact timing of the jump is very important in this arcade game.

    Warrior Escape is another point and escape game.

    Simple but challenging game based on your quick reaction. It is a single player action genre game that is downloaded for free. The aim of the game is to reach the furthest point and move the score to the highest point. The tokens earned in the game provide the player with various vehicle and life rights, and in this way, the hero can go farther. As the game progresses, the sections change, the player earns gold as he completes the given tasks and can collect gold in the game. With the gold collected in the game, new clothes and vehicles can be purchased and existing vehicles can be upgraded. In the game, after the hero dies, the game can be continued by watching the video and the score can be increased. Have fun playing this escape game.

    How To Play Warrior Escape?

    Help our Space Warrior escape this ship by tapping your screen to fly higher. Stay away from the door and don't go down.

    With the Warrior Escape game, we try to collect gold coins by avoiding obstacles and avoiding attacks. You can play JWarrior Escape by using the mouse on the computer and touching it with fingers on smart devices. When there is an obstacle in front of us or the gold coin we need to collect, we go up by clicking the mouse. The longer we hold down the mouse, the higher we stay. With the money we collect, we can improve our rocket and fall during the level transitions. At the bottom of the game, there is an indicator showing how far we will run in the section and how much of the part we need to run. In the upper left corner, the total distance we have run and the amount of money we have collected are displayed just below. Pause button appears in the upper right corner. We attract coins towards ourselves by collecting magnets on the road.