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3 Pandas HTML5

Play Now3 Pandas HTML5

Pandas are the cutest creatures of nature. Even if they are bears, they are cute. They are not harmful and aggressive. It is good the having that kind of animal in the wild. They are vegan and cute.

Anyway, what if we present you with a game with those creatures? Also, there is not just a single panda. In that game, there are three of them. Huh? Impressive, right? 3 Pandas is a game based on the adventures of three pandas. While they in this game they will be facing several obstacles. Will you help ‘em? One of them is a bit fat and dumb. The other one is the kiddo of the gang. The longer panda is the mastermind. It is a bit serious.

Basics of 3 Pandas

Well, this game is about an adventure with 3 pandas. It is better to explain to you the fundamentals of the game. Let’s see.

  • 3 Pandas is an adventure game with escape mechanics. Each level has unique puzzles.
  • There are 3 pandas. One of them is fat, one of them is tall and the other one is small.
  • Your goal is to arrive with all 3 pandas by the end of the map. You will be facing several obstacles. You need to get over them.
  • To select all the pandas just click one of them. To select a specific panda, click twice on it.
  • To get moving, click anywhere on the map.
  • Sometimes you need to use special abilities. In such locations, there will be a transparent drawing of all the pandas.
  • The most useful special ability is to throw the little panda anywhere on the map.
  • To play the game well, track down the white arrows on the screen.

3 Pandas HTML5 Walkthrough: Let’s Be Part of The Panda Gang

Pandas are probably the cutest creatures in the world. Let’s be a part of a panda gang. This will be a walkthrough.

  • iWe enter the game. There are 3 pandas in the center. On the left of them, there are pirates. We can see right of them a native tribe. They don’t seem so friendly. The little panda is having fun, the fat one is a bit dumb. It seems like the leader of the gang is the longer panda. We click the start button to start.
  • We see a background story. It seems like our buddies were captured by the pirates. We need to free them. We break the cage they contained by making it fall. There is something upside like a lift. When we activate the lever, it comes towards us. We get into it. After that, we jump somewhere upper. The first stage is done.
  • In the next level, a pirate is asleep. We take the key near him by making rope from us. After that, we open the lock. When we open the lock, a ladder comes from the upside. We end this stage by climbing up to it.
  • So, this is how the game goes on.