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Neighborhood Basketball Game

Play NowNeighborhood Basketball Game

Let’s head back to our childhood. What do you remember in your Neighborhood? Well, try to imagine your basketball court in your neighborhood. All the children around the world were playing freestyle streetball.

You know, the number of children was pretty high and for our share, there was only a hoop. To play basketball in our neighborhood we needed to be creative.

We present you with a neighborhood basketball game, folks. In that game, you can be the wonder kid in the neighborhood of your character. This game will be giving opportunities probably the NBA didn’t give you. Are you short? It doesn’t matter. You will be able to slam dunk in Basketball Star, too. Also, you will never be in need of a superior computer system. A regular computer with internet access will be enough to play any neighborhood basketball games on pc.

Basics Game Mechanics of Basketball Star

  • This is a neighborhood basketball game. You control a talented wonder kid. To win a match, your score should be greater than your opponent. All the matches are 3 on 3.
  • You control your character via your mouse. For effective control, you need to draw eights on the screen.
  • At the start of the game, the ball is in the middle of the field. It is on the ground. You will try to get the ball.
  • When you have the ball, you need to get the shooting field, or the lines on your screen shows an opportunity to pass your teammates.
  • If you go further when you had the ball you can try a triple-shot or go a little further to try a double-shot. If you access the opponent hoop you can slam dunk.
  • When the opponent has the ball, you can get the ball by running towards the player who got the ball and bumps into it. You will be able to get the ball back.
  • To a good shoot, click on the screen when you are in the shooting range. There will be a meter to determine whether your shoot is good or not. If you press the screen again when the cursor of the meter on the middle, you will be able to shoot well and take a score.

Neighborhood Basketball Game Walkthrought

Let’s slam dunk to show who is the man! A walkthrough

  • We press the play button below the logo of the game to open the game.
  • When the game starts, we see a rolling ball on our screen and here we are, our character is on the basketball court. The game takes us in a quick match. The ball is in the middle circle. We got it!
  • We bypass the opponents and find a shooting opportunity in the triple-shot zone. We click the screen, there is a shot meter on the screen. We click just on time and the game tells us this was a perfect shot.
  • The game restarts again, the ball is in the middle circle too. We are not lucky this time the opponent player captures the ball. We run through it and take the ball by bumping into the player.
  • We decide to show them how to slam dunk. We go through the hoop, our character jumps the opponent jumps, too. But remember we are more awesome than them. That’s a score, too.
  • The referee whistles. The match is over.

Being a wonder kid in a neighborhood basketball game is fun, folks. You need to give it a try.