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Candy Blocks

Play NowCandy Blocks

    Candy Blocks is a game where you will show your intelligence and skills and do intelligence exercises while having fun. Brain exercises will be performed while having fun with this game, which we have produced as an enjoyable block puzzle. Let's start to learn and play this game that we have prepared to feel the fun with a completely different puzzle and to improve the skills.

    Follow the steps to learn this game, which is the most fun and different way to solve puzzles. Consider the explanations below to get started with this addictive style and game that you will play constantly.

    How to Play Candy Blocks?

    • Open the game by tapping or clicking the game icon.

      This will open the game screen and then click or tap the "Play" button that will appear, and take the first step to start the game.

    • Select the level in the game in the section that appears.

      After the first step, you will see the level levels of the game. Start the game from the first level by clicking or tapping the first level. At the very beginning of the game, all other levels are locked except for the first level. After you successfully complete each level, the next level will be unlocked.

    • Start placing the block pieces in the most convenient way.

      You will come across block groups of different shapes, created with different numbers of blocks. Place these blocks in the empty boxes on the screen in the most appropriate way. The blocks you place must have filled all the boxes. This will open a new level in the game.

    • After filling the boxes with blocks, start the new level that opens.

      A notification will appear on the screen after you fill the tiles completely using the blocks. You can advance to the next level and play by tapping or clicking "Next" in the notification.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Candy Blocks

    We designed this game that is much better than it looks and creates continuity, and we examined some curious topics for this fun puzzle game.

    You can find an answer for your curiosity by examining the answers to the questions we have examined below.

    I placed the blocks but the boxes are not filled, how can I go back?

    The blocks you place to pass the level must fill all the boxes. You can remove the blocks you have placed incorrectly on the boxes with the mouse or by touching them. So you can reposition the blocks.

    Is it compulsory to complete the game on the level in order to pass to another level over the level found, is there any other way?

    The only thing that can be done to pass to the higher levels is to pass the level you are in successfully. There is no other way to unlock the level.

    Is it possible to unlock the remaining levels after playing all the levels?

    After completing all the levels, you can go back to the previous levels and even play all the levels from the beginning.