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Love Balls 2

Play NowLove Balls 2

Blue and pink balls need your help! They are each other's significant others but they cannot reach each other. Can you help them? Love Balls 2 is a puzzle game that is based on drawing lines to provide the pink ball and blue ball to meet.

Once they meet, you will be able to reach the next level. Be careful, they might fall! We want to explain more detail to provide you to complete all the levels successfully. Let’s talk more about love Balls 2.

More About the Love Balls 2

If you like the idea of this puzzle game, we want to talk more about the Love Balls. Read them carefully to complete all the levels successfully.

  • You need a controller
  • This game plays with a mouse or trackpad. You should hold the left click and draw a line. Hold the left click still and swap it according to the line that you want to draw.

  • You have to draw a line with an appropriate slope
  • If you do not draw the line as it should be, you may fail and lovers may fall. It is always good to draw a line with a slope, in this way, you decrease the possibility of them falling. Through this, you will be able to make them meet without any problem.

  • Do not let lovers fall!
  • If you do now draw the line perfectly, blue and pink balls may fall. In this case, you have to restart the level. Do not let them fall! They counted on you to provide them to meet with each other.

  • Obstacles will help you
  • You can use obstacles as a support to your line. Through obstacles, balls will be meeting each other without falling.

  • When they meet, you will complete the level successfully
  • You successfully make them meet! They are very thankful for you. Now, you can help them at the next level. Do not worry, if you do that, you absolutely can do that too!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Love Balls 2

Did you decide to play the Love Balls? Great! Then, let’s examine some of the frequently asked questions about the love balls. In this way, you can play the game without any question at all!

How many levels does Love Balls 2 include?

Love Balls 2 includes 120 levels in total. You can complete all of them successfully! We believe in you.

What is the clue button in the Love Balls 2?

If you are having trouble with your move, the clue button reaches your help. It will give you a clue about your next move, in this way, you can play the game without having any problem at all.

Can I retry the level If I fail While Playing Love Balls 2?

Yes, you always have the chance to retry your level if you fail.