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The Black And White

Play NowThe Black And White

Are you ready for the fascinating planet game? It's time to meet The Black and White, which consists of several planets. You will love this game which is super fun and challenging. It consists of different worlds and will offer you endless fun.

How about helping the black and white holes reach home? Difficulty and deadly stages await you on this journey. If you can successfully bring the black and white holes home, you will continue to progress in the game. So how is the game played? Here we have answered this question in the directive we prepared for you. Let's start to examine.

You will be able to bring the black and white holes to their homes by having basic information about the game. Let's start to examine the list we prepared for you.

More Detailed Information About The Black And White Online Game

  • For the movement of the holes in the game, you must use the keyboard or touch screen.
  • You have to use the arrow signs to make your holes move in the game. You can also jump with the upper arrow mark for your hole to get rid of the traps. It will be enough to press the spacebar to switch to the other hole whenever you want. Thus, the other hole starts to move and ends the hole movement you stopped.

  • You must avoid deadly traps in the game.
  • You have to jump over the deadly traps that you will encounter in the game. You have to make your move with the arrow signs to avoid the traps that you will encounter.

  • You must bring your black and white holes to their planet.
  • You need to bring your black and white holes to planets that appear in their color. The black hole should go towards the black planet and the white hole towards the white planet. That's why you should pay attention to the movement of the holes.

  • You must complete the missions on your planets and move on to different worlds.
  • You will see three worlds in the game. These worlds are Green, mountains, caves. After completing the missions in these worlds sequentially, you can switch to other worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Black And White

It is possible to make the game more fun with this instruction that you will examine before starting the game.

Now we have answered the frequently asked questions so that you can find the answers to the questions you are curious about the game.

What Happens If I Encounter Deadly Traps In The Game?

If you get caught in deadly traps in the game, your game will start over. It cannot continue where it left off in your two holes. You can continue with everything starting from the beginning.

How Do I Pass to Other Worlds In The Game?

To move into different worlds, you must pass all the stages in the first world.