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Fire Balls Game Online

Play NowFire Balls Game Online

Play Fire Balls! Shoot the balls quickly to break the towers in this 3D casual game, but make sure you don't hit the sliding obstacles!

Take down all the towers that you will come across with burst shots. While trying to do this, try not to shoot at obstacles. This means the end of the game. Try to topple the towers with rapid shots without hitting the moving blocks. Every successful tower demolition means you move on to the next level.

Get ready to explode with Fire Balls! The aim, press the button and cover your ears! Watch the blocks fall from the sky like rain!

As a player, you have a very simple goal

Fire Balls is a skill game where you can unleash your destructive side without worrying about unpleasant consequences! Fire cannons and destroy towers! Enjoy the destruction and mayhem you cause! Destroy every tower you see in each level. In each level, you will see different towers built with different geometric shapes. At the bottom of each tower, there is a ring of rotating obstacles on it.

How to Play Fire Balls?

To pass a level, you must time your shots carefully to avoid hitting any obstacles. When you successfully hit the towers, they will lose height until they are completely destroyed. There are three towers inside each floor. Above the first two towers are gems for you to collect. At the top of the last tower in each level is a treasure chest. If you can't time your shot and hit an obstacle at the bottom of the tower, you will lose the level. Try again and be more careful the second time! After a few successful hits, you get a special shot. You can see this bonus icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Clicking on the icon will fire this shot, allowing you to destroy obstacles! Destroying all three towers completely will give you three stars at the end of each level. The more stars you earn, the more points you get. Beat each level and challenge yourself as you try to beat your best score!

Shoot the block balls to remove them all. Avoid obstacles as you try to get the highest score possible before all the balls are gone. Avoid those pesky obstacles in this super addicting online Balls game. Level up and advance through each stage by blasting all the blocks using your Fire Balls.

Multiple levels to play, addictive gameplay, 3D graphics, easy controls make this game perfect. To play, all you have to do is shoot using the left mouse button.

Demolishing these towers is fun, but have you ever tried popping bubbles and bubbles? That's really satisfying too, so why not go and have a look at our collection of bubble popping games after completing this game?