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Stickman Fighter Mega Brawl

Play NowStickman Fighter Mega Brawl

Stickman Fighter Mega Brawl brings you a legendary fighting game. How about defeating the enemies that come your way with your stickman? Get ready to face challenges at different levels. There are many different weapon options and abilities in this game for you to have the highest level of fun. It will be fun for you to fight against your enemies with different weapons and abilities. If you are a fan of war games, you should try this game. In our article, we have given detailed information about the game for you. Come on and start to examine the details and get to know the game closely.

An Legendary Fighting Game

Having detailed knowledge about the game before starting the game will give you an advantage. If you carefully examine the instructions we have prepared for you, you will play the game in the best way. An enjoyable gaming experience awaits you.

  • You must use a mouse or touch screen to fight in the game.

    There are 2 options for you to adjust the actions of your stickman. With these 2 options, you can strike against your enemies. You must use the mouse to click on these options. If you are using a smart device, it will be enough to touch the options on the screen.

  • In the game, you must defeat the enemies before you run out of life.

    When your enemies attack you, you must defeat them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the enemies will start to harm you. You have a certain level of health. If the damage they do to you ends your health level, you will lose the game.

  • Buy new weapons and abilities by earning money in the game.

    You will earn money according to your success at the end of each level in the game. With your money, you can buy abilities and weapons to use in other wars. The skills and weapons you will get are very important for your progress in the game.

  • Make progress to move on to new levels in the game.

    There are many new chapters and levels in the game. To unlock new levels, you have to pass the levels in order. You can make progress in each level by using your skills and weapons.


We have prepared the answers to your questions about the game in the frequently asked questions section. You can find out the answers by examining the questions below.

Is it Possible to Pause the Game?

While playing the game, the enemies will constantly move against you. So if you want to quit the game, you can stop it by clicking the option in the upper right corner.

How Many Levels and Chapters Are There in the Game?

There are 4 different levels in the game. Each level has 10 sections. As you pass the levels, you will have the right to play new episodes.