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The food chain is an interesting concept even for wild nature. The bigger one eats the smaller one. What if the biggest one? The tiniest ones eat it. is a game that you can examine the whole relationship by experiencing it. Once you start the game from the bottom of the chain, you are able to achieve the top of it. Eat someone and avoid being eaten by the other ones. Let the most capable one live to create stronger generations. This is the whole story behind the scientific branch called biology.

Basics of

By playing an evolution-based game, you will be in need of guidance. In this section, you can find basic facts about Have fun!

  • is a game based on continual evolution. Also, you are able to examine the food chain around the bird species. You start the game by being a housefly. There are different species. It would be interesting to see all these evolutions.
  • To keep flying you should click often on the screen.
  • You control your direction with your mouse. In other words, your character will be flying towards your mouse cursor.
  • To keep growing, you should consume the things you see under your bar.
  • After a while, you will be in need of to consume the other players. Because, you know, the balance of an ecosystem.
  • To consume a portion of food, you should touch it. Sometimes foods have a health bar, you should end the bar to consume them.
  • Avoid predators. They can kill you if they touch you.

Struggle to survive against all, nature. A walkthrough: is a sui generis game. You should see how to play it properly. Let’s make a walkthrough of this unique game.

  • When we open, we see a complex user interface. In the background, we see the other players are playing the game and awaiting us. We enter our nickname into the first text area. It is “Uncle Sam”. And we select a server. You can change the language, too.
  • To play the game we click on the orange play button.
  • The foods we can consume are pointed out under our bar on the top of the screen. We start as a housefly. The only two things that we can consume are manure and dead fish.
  • We find two pieces of manures. As we consume them, the game makes us a butterfly.
  • Now our essential food is a flower. We should find one. We fly around the map. It seems like we attract different predators. When we land on the flower, they attack us again and again. We die and respawn.
  • We look for flowers. It looks like someone has grabbed our lovely flower. When we look for another, predators kill us again. In wild nature, there are no happy endings.