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Cookie Run Game

Play NowCookie Run Game

    Cookie Run is one of the fun escape games. If you like escape games, you will love this game. You can be sure that you will have more fun as you progress in this game, which has many fashions and characters. You will face many challenges waiting for you in the game. Try to get your cookie to the end of the chapter bypassing these challenges. This game, which you will play in different modes and with different characters over time, will take you to fun lands. You can start to review our article to get to know this game you will play to get the highest score.

    Detailed Information About the Cookie Run Game

    Different challenges await you in the escape game that you will play with your cookie character. We want to provide you with information about these challenges. If you examine the instructions we have prepared for you, you can play the game easily. Here is the guide we have prepared for you. All you have to do is browse through the instruction.

    • You must use a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen for the movement of your cookie.

      In the game, it is necessary to jump and bend to ensure the movement of your cookie. You can click on the keys on the screen with the mouse to enable these movements. Or you can perform your move by pressing the "W, S" keys. If you are entering from your touch screen devices, it will be enough to touch the keys presented to you on the screen.

    • Try Different Characters in the Game

      There are different characters in the game that you can buy from your store. To test these characters, you need to collect silver. You can unlock the characters by collecting silver and gold in the game.

    • Overcome Challenges in the Game and Collect Coins, Diamonds

      In the game, you can fight against difficulties by jumping and leaning. Stay away from sharp places that will hurt you. You can collect various rewards, coins, diamonds. In this way, you can buy extra lives for yourself with your money at later levels.

    • You must try to complete the section before the time runs out.

      You are given time in the modes you play in the game. You must complete the game before this time runs out. That's why you need to get the extra time and speed abilities that come across. Thus, you can finish the game in the desired time.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cookie Run Game

    You may have questions about the game. That's why we wanted to answer frequently asked questions for you. Here are the questions and answers.

    Can I Stop The Game?

    You can pause the game at any time during the game. When you start the game, you will continue where you left off.

    What Should I Do to Buy Gold?

    It is possible to shop with your diamonds in your store to buy gold.

    Can I Spin the Skin Wheel Anytime?

    You can spin the skin wheel once a day in the game.