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How competitive are you? Because this game requires big levels of competition! is a game that is based on eliminating other players with your snowball.

You should know that there is always a possibility of being the eliminated one! Be careful about that. We believe you can be the only one left in the area. Do you believe in yourself? If you do, let's give you some details on how to achieve to be the winner at the

This amazing game is waiting for you to play, but there is always good to know some details before you play. In this way, you can succeed even the first time you play! This is a good feeling, if you want to experience it, read the details we listed for you, then have fun!

Details About

  • What do you need while playing?
  • You only need a controller while playing. It can be a mouse or trackpad if you are playing from a computer. Just hold the left click and release it when you are ready. If you are playing from a device with a touch screen, do the same process with your finger.

  • Create the biggest snowball
  • You can eliminate your opponents by shooting them with the biggest snowball. They will fall from the field. We believe you can beat them all!

  • You should be sure about the way of your snowball
  • When you release your snowball, it has to go over the other people. In this case, you can eliminate them. Otherwise, your snowball goes to waste.

  • Be careful about the melting areas
  • Melting areas become red. Be careful over there! If you stay there too long, you can befall down with the ground. It would be an easy win for your opponents!

  • Other snowballs can make you fail
  • As well as you can eliminate them with your snowball, they also can eliminate you with their snowball. So, escape them as possible. You do not want to be a target of other people’s snowball!

Frequently Asked Questions About The

Before your competition starts, reading some of the frequently asked questions about might be helpful for you!

We listed three of the frequently asked questions. If your question is one of them, you can find the answer below.

Can I continue at the level I have been if I close the game page?

Yes, if you close the game page you can continue where you left when you come back.

How can I get the other skins?

As you become the winner at the games and eliminate other people, you will be able to get other skins. They are many of them and they are adorable!

What does a challenge mean in

There is a challenge in and you have to complete five rounds to become the winner. If you win, you will get the perfect gift!