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Slashville 3D Online Game

Play NowSlashville 3D Online Game

In the game “Slashville 3D” you will find yourself in a quiet country farm where you have to help the main character develop his business, build new buildings and protect his property.

In the new exciting game Slash Ville 3D you will help a colonist named Willy build his small farm. In front of you, your character will appear on the screen, which will be located in a fenced area. At the end of this area you will see the foundation of the house. Tomatoes will grow in front of you.

Your hero will have to reach the tomatoes and collect them. Its path will be blocked by red pillars. If you bring the character to them, you have to have him cut them with a machete. You will get points by destroying these columns. Reaching the tomato you will harvest. You will receive resource points by completing these steps. According to them, you will begin to build your house. Complete other missions to build as quickly as possible.

While playing the Slashville 3D game, you first earn money by collecting the tomatoes in the farm. By giving the tomatoes to the masters, you build a hospital, house, pet shop and a bank that turns apples into gold. You are harvesting the tomato fields on the farm. You can grow tomato fields by using your gold, you can increase your energy as a hospital treatment. You can improve your character's strength, armor and weapon from the "Upgrade Characters" section.

Your enemies are red and brown box-shaped creatures

You are fighting with your enemies who attack your farm by leaving the "go to level" gate of the farm. Your enemies come towards you and attack you. You complete the course by destroying your enemies one by one with the stick in your hand. There are "go to level" and "go to town" gates in the park. If you have enough energy, you can continue to the next section. If your energy is low, you can return to the village and increase your energy from the hospital. You continue to play the slashville 3D game by constantly improving your character and transitioning to the next levels with full energy.

How to Play Slashville 3D?

First, you need to earn enough resources to build a cozy cottage, buy a new plot or improve existing buildings. It is an interesting game where you control your character on the farm. At first, your task will be to collect the crop, especially the tomatoes. You will bring them to a certain place and in this way you will expand your farm. Your character will be armed with a huge sword, ideal for chopping ripe tomatoes and destroying monsters. To hunt, you need to build a door that will take you to the outside world. There are many exciting levels ahead of you that will increase in difficulty. In order to destroy the enemies, you will earn gold coins that can be used to improve your hero's attributes. In the forge you will have the opportunity to increase the strength of your armor, temper your weapons or lengthen the edge of your blade. Move constantly around the arena and stay at a safe distance from opponents to avoid injury. Here is the online game Slashville 3D, it's free and you can play it right now.