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If you want to play free games online then you will have plenty of choice on our website. However, we can recommend Bob the Robber 1 game for you in case you are looking for plenty of fun.

In this game, you are going to control a robber named Bob who robs different buildings with a good purpose. The game consists of stages and you will be robbing a different building or business in each stage. In addition to this, you will have to rob all the floors to complete the stage. You will also encounter different kinds of obstacles such as robots, security games and so on that will prevent you to be successful.

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You will have a certain destination to reach on each building. Once you get there and get the required document or object, you have to go back and leave the building. People who want to play free games online will have plenty of good time in this amazing game. It is a combination of adventure and puzzle. You will be playing on different stages so that you will never get bored. In addition to this, you can also loot certain boxes to earn money while you are completing your missions.

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Players who want to play free games online should not worry about the controls of the game. They are quite simple which you only have to use the arrow keys. You will be playing the tutorial mode on the first stage and you can get used to the game easily. Without a doubt, you will have plenty of good time in this game. In case you enjoy adventure and puzzle games then we highly recommend you give a try to this one.

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