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Bob The Robber 1

Play NowBob The Robber 1

You open your computer and look for the games online. Man! All of them are the same. A boring game mechanics that you don’t have to use your brain. How can we overcome this? Where are the old school real games?

Bob the Robber 1 is the online game that you are looking for. It is a 2d platformer. You are playing as a robber and looting the places while you are trying to avoid getting caught. This game is awesome. You should give it a try!

Basics of Bob the Robber 1:

Are you familiar with unique games like Bob the Robber 1? If your answer is no you can find some basics about this game in this section.

  • Bob the Robber 1 is a 2D platformer and adventure game. Your goal in Bob the Robber 1 is to loot the places you chose for your robbery.
  • You can move Bob by “W, A, S, D” or the arrows on your keyboard.
  • You will find several objects in the game. You should loot them.
  • To loot the money you found, you will be using “W” or the upward arrow.
  • To go upside in the ladders, you will be using “W” or the upward arrow.
  • When you open a door there will be shadows. To hide in the shadows, you should wait without moving.
  • To diffuse a lock or system or break the locks, you should hold W or the upward arrow.
  • You can take down robots or people by space key.

Bob the Robber 1 Unblocked

This is the first sequel of Bob the Robber games. In this game, Bob is just a normal robber. At the beginning of the game, you see childhood of Bob. Obviously, that chad dude is trained to be a legendary robber. He was born to lose and live to win, guys. In Free Bob the Robber Online you are able to use W, A, S, D, unlike the other games. Also, you don’t be bothered by the complex diffusing puzzles of locks and lasers. This is a smooth game for the introduction to this legendary type of game. You should sense how awesome the 2d platformer games are.

A Walkthrough on Bob the Robber 1:

Our sneaky robber Bob dives into criminal adventures. We will be leading him. Are you brave enough to become a criminal mastermind? Come on!

  • As we start the game, we see our sneaky robber with a pile of money and a guy with a shotgun chases him with his dog.
  • There is three option in the menu. We click new game to get started.
  • The game tells us Bob’s story with comic scenes.
  • After that, we see a level selection menu with the city map. We click on the first level which is pointed out by the green color.
  • The first level is a kind of tutorial. We read the letters.
  • First, we loot the boxes near the ladder, then we go upside. There are a few boxes that we can loot, so we loot ‘em all!
  • Then we go downside from the right direction and loot the boxes there.
  • There is a locked door here. We break the lock. We go downstairs. There is an electronic lock. We break it, too.
  • After that, we go downstairs and walk sneaky because there is a security camera.
  • Oh no! There is a laser barrier. To overcome this, we go downstairs and disable the wire of it. We continue the game by getting in the elevator. We take out the robot and take the plans. Well done! We go back by using the same way we come here.
  • This gig was awesome! Our hero Bob watches his robbery on the local news. This would be a very proud moment for him.


Can I play Bob the Robber 1 on Android?

Yes. You can play Free Bob the Robber 1 Unlimited on Android devices. Since hosts browser games, you are able to play Bob the Robber 1 on your Android or iOS device.

How can I get more points when I am playing Bob the Robber 1 on my device?

There are several ways to get more points in Free Bob the Robber 1 Online. You should loot all the boxes you see and be quick. Also, taking less attention is one of the key factors in Bob the Robber 1 unblocked.

I can’t pass the laser barrier in Bob the Robber 1. How can I pass across it?

When you are playing Bob the Robber 1 Online you should diffuse the electronic mechanism of the laser barrier. You can identify the mechanism by the flash icon on it.