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CMG Bob the Robber 1

Play NowCMG Bob the Robber 1

Don’t you got bored of the lame games y’all? It’s time to change something. Today, you will find a cool 2d platformer game like just the good old days. CMG Bob the Robber 1 is a 2D platformer game with really great puzzle mechanics. There are a bunch of good game mechanics that we miss. This is totally not a stupid browser game that you play with just a button. Let’s go deeper, folks.

Some basic facts about CMG Bob the Robber 1

The main character that you control in this great 2D platformer game, Bob. Bob is an extremely talented robber. He is known as Bob the Robber around the neighborhood. He is not a regular criminal, guys.

The objective in CMG Bob the Robber 1

Since the main character in CMG Bob the Robber 1 is a robber, your mission in the game is to rob the whole city. When you start the game, you will see a place with yellow arrows. You should get there. After that, the game will be pointing another place out. The new place will have green arrows. This is the place where you can pass the level.

How should you play CMG Bob the Robber 1?

Let’s see what you should do during playing CMG Bob The Robber 1!

Interact with the objects!

To loot as much as money you can, you should interact with the objects. These objects can be closets, beds, and couches. Those people can hide their money anywhere.

Break the Locks and Electronic Mechanisms!

In CMG Bob the Robber 1 the only thing you are breaking is not the law. To get moved in the game properly, you should be breaking the locks on the doors. Also, there are laser barriers. You should tear the electronic mechanism of it apart.

Hang around the houses!

Another thing you should care about is the multi-stored structure of the houses. You should visit every single room and loot them. This is also important to pass the level. You will need to go upstairs and downstairs often.

Electronic door locks in CMG Bob the Robber 1

Another obstacle in the game is doors with electronic locks. You should find their password. The password should be on a piece of paper that hangs on the wall. You should remember this password with 4 digits. A few passwords from electronic doors are 0620, and 0740.

Stay away from the sight of security cameras!

Another challenge in CMG Bob the Robber 1 is security cameras. You shouldn’t stay in their sight for more than 2 seconds. If you do, you fail the level. You should sneak in another room when there is a security camera.

Knockdown the loser guards!

Another thing you will be got annoyed by is guards. You should approach them from their back and knock them down.

How can you control Bob when you are playing CMG Bob the Robber 1?

  • To move Bob: You should use “W, A, S, D” or the arrows on your keyboard. By that key, Bob will keep moving.
  • To interact with the objects: You should hold “W” or the upward arrow to interact with the objects in CMG Bob the Robber 1. These keys will be working to break the locks.
  • To knock down the guards: You should use space to knock down the guards. To do that you need to approach them from their back.


Can I play Free CMG Bob the Robber 1 Online on my mobile devices?

Definitely, the key configuration of CMG Bob the Robber 1 Unblocked supports mobile devices. You can play it from any device.

Can I play CMG Bob the Robber 1 unblocked with my friends?

You can’t play CMG Bob the Robber 1 Game with your friends because there is no multiplayer game mode in the game.

How many levels are there in CMG Bob the Robber 1 Online?

There are 5 different levels that you can enjoy Free CMG Bob the Robber 1 on your devices. Those levels are extremely challenging and fun! Our website offers you a fast, reliable, easy game experience. So we are almost sure that you will really enjoy your time here! Welcome back! Let's get started right now!