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Pull Mermaid Out Online Game

Play NowPull Mermaid Out Online Game

Pull Mermaid Out is a game where escape and strategy are combined. How about helping the poor mermaid get rid of the lost ancient city? To get the mermaid home, you have to overcome the difficulties on the roads. At each level, you will encounter different stages and challenges. You can save the life of the mermaid by choosing the right ways. You will love this game, which is presented to you with different sections and fun stages. If you want to discover the most fun version of escape and strategy, start the game now. Discover the fun waiting for you by examining the details in our article.

Detailed Information About The Game

If you want to know more about your mermaid's escape, we recommend that you review the specific guidelines. You can be sure that you will make better progress in the game after doing the necessary review. Let's start the review.

  • You must use a mouse or touch screen in the game.

    You have to use the mouse to keep the mermaid moving and to open the obstacles in front of you. If you are using a smartphone, you can open the obstacles by allowing the mermaid's movements with the touch screen. Remember that you have to click and tap on the obstacles to unlock them.

  • You have to plan according to the difficulties you encounter in the game.

    In the game, many dangerous creatures will appear in front of the mermaid. You must set the opening order of the obstacles correctly. In this way, you will keep dangerous creatures away from the mermaid. The mermaid gets rid of the dangers and continues on her way.

  • You have to try to collect the stars in the game.

    Stars will appear in each episode. The mermaid needs to collect these stars. That's why you have to take care to open the obstacles in the right order to collect the stars.

  • You have to try to pass the levels in the game.

    There are many levels and challenging stages in the game. If you successfully pass the levels you are in, you will be entitled to start other levels.


Have questions about the game? We recommend that you review the frequently asked questions section to encounter these questions. The answers to your questions may be waiting for you below.

What Happens If You Caught Dangerous Creatures In The Game?

You can catch dangerous creatures by opening the wrong obstacle in the game. The live mermaid you will catch will kill the mermaid. So you will have to start the game again and play the level from start to finish.

Is it Possible to Pause the Game?

Your mermaid is motionless in the game. You control the movement of the mermaid. So as long as you don't move the mermaid, you can leave the game and continue again whenever you want. The game will be waiting for you where you left off.