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Beach Buggy Racing: Buggy Of Battle Game

Play NowBeach Buggy Racing: Buggy Of Battle Game

    Almost everyone loves racing games, regardless of age or gender. A racing game is a kind of sports game that entertains the players all around the world. In addition to being entertaining, car racing games have also many different functions. For example, playing racing games can reduce the stress level of the gamer. Not just that. Racing games can improve concentration and focus. According to some studies, racing games can be good for hand-eye coordination. These are some benefits of the car racing games.

    Purpose: The purpose of the game is to reach the finish point in the given time. Do not forget that you are playing against time. You have 59 seconds to reach the finish point. You can see how much time is left at the top of the screen. Use your time wisely. Being quick makes it easier. The faster you are the better!

    • It is a 1 player game. You cannot play the game with 2 players.
    • It is played with keyboard keys.
    • The game is totally free so you do not have to pay for the game.
    • The game starts at the beginner level, but you can level up over time. The game gets harder and harder with each level.

    How to get to Level 2? You need to fulfill the requested task at Level 1. If you reach the finish point within the given time, you will pass the Level 2. Each level requires a different mission. You have to successfully complete these missions to move on to the next level. For example, in the first level of the game, you are competing with time, not with another racer. In the second level of the game, the task you need to fulfill is to finish the race first. In other words, you are not alone, this time there are other drivers. You need to be fast and beat other drivers. No more spoilers about other levels! Discover the rest on your own, that’s more exciting.

    Here is an important trick about the game; There appears a big clock, it is your saver so do not miss it. If you catch the clock it will give you more time. The seconds will increase. So, you will have more time to reach the finish point.

    Another important suggestion to be good at the game is to learn the track. It will help you a lot. Because if you know the handicaps you will know how to avoid them too.

    As you continue to play, you will understand the rules of the game and what to do or how to do it.

    You are the driver here! Force yourself to be fast as quick as possible you can.