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Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack

Play NowShaun The Sheep Sheep Stack

    Do you want to play a cool and fun game? You found the right one, and it is all free! We are presenting you with the sheep stacking.

    It may seem easy to you but you should know the tricks very well and follow the arrows. The adjustment of the angle and the power is very important. Throw the sheep to the right place and stack them up to the window. It is all you have to do. You can start whenever you are ready!

    You should read the instruction below before the game to ensure you about what you should do. We don’t want you to miss a thing!

    Step by Step Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack

    • Before starting the game, if you want to change the language, you can click the U.K. flag icon on the corner and change the language to Dutch or Norwegian. Then, click the “PLAY” button and start the game. You are starting from the 1st level out of 12. You can click on which level you want to play after you passed them.
    • The sheep will be aligned on the right side of the page and the purpose is to stack the sheep one by one to reach out the window in the circle. The sheep will hop on the shorts one by one, and you will use these shorts as a slingshot and throw them to stack up to the window.
    • You can use either the mouse or the keyboard to play. You can move the sheep by clicking and holding the mouse and adjust the power as you pull the mouse down. When you stop holding the mouse the sheep will be released. Try to aim the sheep based on the arrows and the cross on the wall.
    • If you will use the keyboard, use left and right arrow keys for setting the angle; up and down for adjusting the power, and press the “space” key for releasing the sheep.
    • You will see the scoreboard at the top of the page. You can see which level you are playing on the left and how many sheep you have thrown on the left. Try to throw the minimum number of sheep to full fill the four stars for each level.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Shaun The Sheep: Sheep Stack

    If you still have questions about Shaun the Sheep: Sheep stack, here are the faqs and answers. Let’s review them!

    If I miss a sheep, will the game over?

    No, of course not! The game will continue but the possibility of getting four stars will decrease.

    Is there a limit to throwing the sheep?

    No, there is not any limit. You can throw as many as you want.

    How can I increase my score?

    You should throw the minimum number of sheep to reach the window.