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Vex 6 Free Online Game

Play Now Vex 6 Free Online Game

Vex 6 is the platform for players who love adrenaline and danger. If you are ready for the challenge, this game is for you. Remember to act wisely.

Vex 6: It is a parkour game that players who love to struggle will love. Stickman is the game character of this parkour. It is a progressive game full of obstacles that progress in the form of a maze. Players who manage to pass the obstacles can reach the next level. Completing the track will not be as easy as it seems. Complete the track without giving up and the coins are yours. Let's start.

How to Play Wex 6

Are you ready players with a fighting spirit? We're getting started. The game consists of several steps. Let's start the game using these steps. You can understand the logic of the game by following these steps.

  • You have to press the play button to start the game.

    You have to press the big green button that appears on the screen. The character we use in the game is a stickman. The playground is a labyrinth-shaped track. The character can overcome obstacles by climbing the pillars. For this, you have to press the up arrow key twice.

  • You have to use the keyboard to move the stickman.

    You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the character. If you are playing on mobile, you can take action using the arrow keys on the screen. It is a fun game that can be played on both platforms.

  • You have to collect the coins on the track.

    You have to complete the track without dying by collecting the coins you come across. Earning coins will make you gassier.

  • You can level up by completing the tracks without errors.

    When the game starts, you will encounter obstacles. You have to reach the finish point without touching them. If the stickman gets stuck in the obstacles, the episode will start again. That's why you have to be very careful. You can reach higher levels by completing the tracks without dying. The new episode means a different excitement. If you're curious about new adventures, you should keep playing. You must have this passionate experience.


You can use the frequently asked questions section to understand the track. This allows you to understand the game and learn the rules.

What Should You Do To Pass The Levels In The Game?

You have to complete the tracks to pass the levels. You can win by reaching the finish point without dying. Parkour lovers, this game is for you. Feeling the energy and fun will make you very happy. Those who want to have a good time start the game without wasting time.

How To Collect Money In The Game?

You can collect coins by moving a stickman. You should try to stay away from dangers while collecting coins. You may not want to die in the game and go back to the beginning.