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Car Parking Math

Play NowCar Parking Math

    Car Parking Math is that we offer the most fun version of mathematics. Instead of boring math exercises, it is possible to have fun using math with this game that is both fun and requires attention. There are different sections on the game and each section has different levels. What you have to do is to successfully pass the levels using math. Let's get started to learn and play this game we created for fun using math.

    How To Play Car Parking Math?

    Playing this game requires both math and manual dexterity. The parking game, which you will perform on the screen with your basic mathematical knowledge, requires both attention and skill to park the cars. Let's examine how this fun game is played, which is much easier than it looks.

    • To start the game by coming to the game screen, you need to touch or click the start icon.

      To start the game, when you touch or click the start icon, a small note will appear in front of you explaining how you should play the game in the first place. You can move to the next level of the game by tapping/clicking on the Next icon.

    • Just before starting the game, choose one of the different sections that appear before you.

      Just after the first step, you will see the game sections. You must choose one of the sections here. There are different levels of games in each section and you have to start the game from the first level. To play the games of other levels, you must complete the game at the level you are playing.

    • The game will start when you tap or click the first level icon.

      In the game you start, you will be the driver of the car standing in the middle. You have to spot this car but you have to find the designated parking space. You have to park the car in the parking area where the result of the operation coincides with solving the mathematical operation in the lower-left corner of the screen.

    • Use the direction keys or the direction icons on the screen to park the car.

      Complete your parking by directing the car you need to park with the arrow keys or direction icons.

    • You have a total of 5 chances to complete the level.

      The number of chances the game offers you to park the car where it is needed is 5 in total. You will lose 1 chance each time in cases such as hitting other cars or hitting a wall.

    Curiosities About Car Parking Math

    Under this title, we have shared some detailed information about the game with you. You can learn everything about this fun game by looking at the information here.

    What happens if I can't pass the level?

    You have 5 chances during the game for each level. You should try to park the car without hitting something. If you do not pass the level, the next level will not be opened.

    Are the math problems in the game easy level?

    Mathematical problems that are part of the game generally require basic mathematical knowledge. The numbers can get bigger as the level progresses.

    Can we play the game from scratch?

    After all the levels are finished, you can play the game from the beginning.