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Merge Fruit Game

Play NowMerge Fruit Game

    Merge Fruit is a puzzle game. It is based on fruit elements. And this game can be played by every age group. It is a very popular game. Because it is so funny and challenging. People permanently want to play this game. Fruit elements are watermelon, lemon, kiwi, orange, and pomegranate. The game’s vision is full of color. Fruit puzzles should avoid the upper line. This game’s purpose is this. Because if you reach with your fruit puzzle to the upper line, you failed. At the same time, you need to bigger fruit with a fruit puzzle. So as to do this, you need to combine similar fruit like lemon and grape. When you combined watermelon and grape, you failed. Because these fruits are not the same. You need to find the same fruit puzzles. When the same fruit puzzles are collected, these fruits explode. And the game continues. Because of the explosion, the next fruit puzzle can come to screen. If you do many fruit explosions, you gain a high score. And these high scores show your puzzle talent. Puzzle games seem easy. But so as to get a high score, you should use your logic.

    How Is Merge Fruit Played?

    This game is a challenging hard puzzle game. Puzzle games are always challenging. And while you are playing puzzle games, you need to think carefully. So as to play this game, you have to use a mouse. This game is played with a mouse. When you click left on the mouse, you leave a fruit puzzle. And also you move left and right your mouse in the game. The game continues like this. The most important thing is an upper line in the game. Because if your fruit puzzles reach to upper line, the game finished. And you need to start again to the game. Similar fruit puzzles are the important thing. So you find similar fruit like orange and watermelon. If you like puzzle games, you definitely like the Merge Fruit game. Because this game is one of the best puzzle games. It has colorful visions. Fruit visions are so realistic. This feature is so important in games. Because when visions are bad in games, players don't enjoy the game.

    Are There Obstacles In Merger Fruit?

    There is just an obstacle in this game. And this is an upper line. The upper line is important in the game. Because when your fruit puzzles touch to upper line, the game is over. So as to do not touch this obstacle, you need to match similar fruit puzzles. If you don't match similar fruit puzzles, fruit puzzles will be collected. And you will touch the upper line. As a consequence in Merge Fruit, there is an upper line to be cautious. And the upper line is an important obstacle.


    Why do we have to be cautious about similar fruits in the Merge Fruit game?

    Because of their shape and color, you can confuse and play wrong. And this situation makes us collect fruits without explosion.

    How can we avoid the upper line?

    So as to avoid the upper line, you needn’t collect fruit puzzles. Therefore you must match similar fruits.