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Tower Defense Alien War

Play NowTower Defense Alien War

The Best Tower Defense Game Ever Made!: There is an alien infestation you must stop. Get your guns and protect your castle walls! This free-to-play tower defense will be your new favorite game!

Features of Tower Defense Alien War

This is a website streamed game, so you can access it on every platform with an operating system. You will just need to have an internet connection. The game also does not require a pre-registration so you can have fun with no strings attached! Tower Defense Alien War also saves your game data so you can play it afterward too. To make a fresh start you can easily delete your data from the menu. You can turn on or turn off the game sounds to have a more focused game time.

Mechanics of Tower Defense Alien War

In order to play the game the best way you can, here are the mechanics of Tower Defense Alien War!

  • Upgradeable Guns and Features: At each level, you will earn coins and you can spend them on your weapons to deal more damage! Features like fire rate will make you bombard the enemy like hellfire from the skies!
  • Different Enemies with Different Powers: At each level, you will have to face not only more but also tougher enemies. Your upgrades will be your savior when covered by an army of different aliens.
  • Wall HP: The main goal of the game is keeping your wall up! So, you will have to destroy your enemies before they take your wall’s HP to 0. If your wall is down it is game over! You will have to try again.

How to Play Tower Defense Alien War?

The controls of this game are simple but you have to be quick to be successful! You aim with your mouse and click to shoot. You can do the same with your finger while you are playing on your smartphone or tablet. On the keyboard, you can release missiles with A or just tap on the missile icon with your finger.

Walkthrough of Tower Defense Alien War

You are a brave warrior that tries to defend his castle. Try to stop the alien hoard before they break your walls.

Kill more aliens each round to upgrade your weapons and deal more damage each time! Remember against the liens your walls are weak, so you have to be more powerful and undaunted than ever!

Frequently Asked Questions About Drip Drop

We answered your most frequent questions about Tower Defense Alien War

Can I Play Tower Defense Alien War on my device?

Since this is a website game you can play it on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. The program of the game is suitable to run on all devices with an operating system.

What are age ratings of Tower Defense Alien War?

Tower Defense Alien War contains minute amounts of violence so it is suitable for children older than the age of seven.