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Animals Puzzle Game

Play NowAnimals Puzzle Game

    Chillout While Building Your Free Jigsaw Puzzle!: Animals Puzzle is an awesome choice for free and educative fun. Tired of collecting the pieces after your kids make a mess? Animals Puzzle gives you a free online experience of a Jigsaw Puzzle game with creative drawings for kids! While keeping your children entertained, building puzzles will improve their cognitive abilities for free!

    What can you do in Animals Puzzle?

    While being simple and easy to grasp, there are some points worth vocalizing. Here, we will focus on what can players do in Animals Puzzle.

    • There are many Jigsaw backgrounds to choose from.
    • Each of those puzzles has its own animal theme as backgrounds. Roar with lions and play with monkeys!
    • Each picture has different piece and form orientations when you start the game, so it never gets boring! You will want to play all the different forms of a puzzle.
    • Pieces are always distributed in different places, keeping the challenging fun over and over again!

    How Is the Walkthrough for Animals Puzzle?

    Here is the basic walkthrough for the animals' puzzle:

    • The game starts by choosing a background from the main menu first.
    • By pressing/clicking and dragging with your finger/mouse, you can carry a jigsaw piece to its suitable place on the board.
    • The guide picture in the background will help you find a suitable place for the piece.
    • When placed correctly the puzzle piece sticks to its place, giving you a tidier game experience.
    • There is no in-game economy or high scores in this game. It is all about uncompetitive fun and relaxing!
    • All backgrounds are available since the beginning of the game. Hence you can pick and choose from all of the backgrounds without spending extra time.


    Can you fail in Animals Puzzle?

    No. Since there is not a damage system or a health points system, you can not fail in Animals Puzzle. The sticky pieces ensure that every piece does not move by miss clicking or getting lost between all other pieces.

    Does your progress save when you quit Animals Puzzle?

    No, it does not. Each piece is redistributed when you leave a jigsaw puzzle. In this way, you don’t have to rescatter each piece when you want to play the same background again.

    Can you change music or sound settings in Animals Puzzle?

    Yes, you can. While the theme music of the Animals Puzzle online game is relaxing, like any other music it can get boring due to repetitive playing. You can simply turn off sounds and music by clicking on the sound icon at the top right corner.

    Can you resolve every puzzle after completing it?

    Yes, you can. You can re-choose any puzzle background on the main menu before and give it another shot.

    Can I play Animals Puzzle on my phone?

    For sure! Animals Puzzle is a free online game that can work on every technological device with Windows, Android, or IOS operating systems.