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Sky War

Play NowSky War

Do you want to feel the excitement of the war pilot? Are you craving action and a speed game? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place. presents you with a perfect game; Sky War Game is perfect for you! Take your seats, be ready to fly with us!

Sky War is an action game that allows you to control a warplane that is surrounded by rockets. If you want to continue the game you should move fast and overcome those rockets. Do not worry, as long as you start the game, you will get used to the air and the speed!

What should you be careful about while playing Sky War?

There are many pinpoints you should be careful of while playing Sky War, we explained them step by step for you!

  1. Controls are easy:

    You can just control the game with the arrow keys. To go to the right, press the left arrow button. Likewise, to go to the left, press the right arrow button.

  2. Be fast!:

    As long as you press the buttons fast and right, you will reach the highest score again and again. Just keep your eyes on the screen.

  3. Remember you have only 3 chances!:

    If you hit rockets three times, you have to restart the game. Do not overestimate, you can overcome all of them!

  4. The Machine gun is the key!:

    If you get the machine gun, you reach the power to terminate rockets. You do not have to change your direction over and over. Now, it is their time to think!

  5. Reach the highest score:

    Don’t you want to brag to your friends about your score in the game? Well, it is possible. You should not give up right away, as we can assure you that, more trying means more chance!

Frequently asked questions about the Sky War

You liked this game but there are still question marks all around your mind?

We put together some questions and answers for you. If your question is one of them, take a look at this section.

Is it possible for me to continue after I lost three chances?

No, unfortunately, you have only three chances. You should restart the game, maybe this time you can reach your highest score, keep trying!

What happens if I go to the right/left side of the frame?

If you go to the right or left more than the area frame offers you, you come to the frame from the opposite side. If you went to the left, you come to the right side. Likewise, if you went to the right, you come to the left side.

Does machine gun provide me an endless use?

No, you can only take advantage of a machine gun for a certain time. After that, you should try to reach a machine gun again, of course, be careful about the rockets while doing this!