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Desert Run

Play NowDesert Run

Guys, what is the most relaxing activity for a man? Of course, driving alone in random places. You blow off all the steam in your nerves when you drive anywhere.

Desert Run is the game for that purpose. You drive the car. Where is the target location? No one knows. Why do you drive in a desert with military gear? No one knows. This is my friend, the manliest movie ever. Going anywhere without any purpose. Man, you shoot palm trees and cactuses. Why? They were on your way. Dwayne Johnson would be proud of us.

Basics of Desert Run:

In this section, you are able to learn the basics of Desert Run.

  • Desert Run is an endless runner game with a car. The game has a view from above. Your goal is to go as further as you can.
  • You can move the car with “W, A, S, D”. Also, the arrows in the keyboard work, too.
  • The shield in the game will be protecting you even if you bump into any game objects. It has a time limit. After a while, the shield will be removed.
  • The ammo crates will make you shoot all the objects. This is not as effective as a shield.
  • If you touch any tree-like palm trees and cactuses or mines, you will be dead.
  • To go further, you should collect the shields when you see them.

A Walkthrough on Desert Run:

Let’s get in our jeep to hang around the desert. It seems fun. Wanna join us in this walkthrough?

  • We click on the screen to continue.
  • It seems like a desert. The green vehicle is our military car.
  • We click on the green start text to go further.
  • The game starts. The only thing we do is to go as long as go with our vehicle.
  • We see a shield. We take it to avoid crashes.
  • There are palm trees and cactuses. We crash on them. Nevermind, we have the shield.
  • The shield expires and we are on our own.
  • We directly bump into a palm tree. What a shame!


Can I play Desert Run on my mobile device?

Yes, you are able to play Desert Run on Android and on iOS. This great free endless game online has pretty impressive graphics like old-school arcade games.

Do I have to download Desert Run on my device?

No, you don’t have to download Desert Run on your device to play it. In other words, Desert Run unblocked is a no download game since it is a web browser game.

Are mines more destructive than the trees?

Even if it seems so, it is not. Once you touched a tree or a mine, you will be dead. The sudden death means you will make a car crash and fail.