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Warehouse King

Play NowWarehouse King

    We are here with an extremely perfect game for puzzle lovers. Today we will introduce you to the Warehouse King game. If you love solving puzzles or puzzles that appeal to you, this game is for you.

    That's why we want to give you detailed information before starting the game. In this way, you can know the basic details to get the highest score in the game. You have to play the game strategically. Let's take a look at the instruction we have prepared for you.

    You can follow the instructions below to earn stars in the game and complete the puzzle before your time runs out.

    More About The Warehouse King

    • You can play the game with a mouse and a touchscreen
    • Your main goal in the game is to open the way of your car by changing the places of the boxes. This way, your car is ready to go out. You can slide the boxes with your computer's mouse to move the boxes, or if you're playing on a tablet, you can slide the boxes with the touchscreen. The sooner your car gets out, the better

    • You have to take your car out before your time is up.
    • While playing the Warehouse King game, you begin to swap the boxes. Of course, you should not forget the duration while changing the places of these boxes. You have a period of 120 seconds and during this time you have to remove your car by sliding the boxes to the required places.

    • You must not lose your stars
    • When you start the game, your 3 stars will appear at the top of your game screen. The more you move the boxes, the less your stars will be. That's why we recommend you to decide by thinking before moving the boxes. In this way, you will not move the boxes in vain and you will not lose your stars.

    • To get the highest score
    • The faster you drag the boxes and open the road in the game, the higher score you will get. That's why we recommend that you first make a plan in mind for opening the boxes. Your score and number of stars will appear in the form of a table after you complete the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Warehouse King

    After following the instructions about the game correctly, you will reach the desired score and number of stars. You may have questions about the game.

    That's why you can take a look at the questions we have prepared for you.

    Can I Pause The Warehouse King?

    It is possible to stop the game while playing. In this way, you will not exceed the time required for the game. You can easily return to the game whenever you want.

    Can I Play Warehouse King With A Keyboard?

    Unfortunately, it is possible to play this game with a mouse and touch screen only. Boxes must be dragged to move.

    Is It Possible To Choose A Language In The Game?

    You will see the country selection in the top corner of your screen while playing the game. You can choose your country and language by clicking from there.