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Cannon Hero Online Game

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But the hard part of the game is that AI, that is, artificial intelligence, is very good. It is very difficult to beat artificial intelligence, which almost shoots well from us. We have the right to throw the first shot, if we miss our opponent will not forgive us.

Graphics and Models

It is an arcade-type game that we can play on tablets and smartphones with the Android operating system.

Although the theme is war, this game can be played with pleasure by both adults and young gamers, as it gives it with fun graphics and models.

Our main task in the game is to help the hero named Rocket Boy, who sets out to protect the world from evil characters. We have many weapons that we can use to defeat our opponents. By giving the right angle, we aim these weapons at our enemies and shoot. Unfortunately, we only have one chance to do this. A missed shot causes us to lose the game.

There are four different characters to choose from in Cannon Hero Online. Each of them carries a different weapon. The Agent character has a sniper rifle, the Ranger character has a laser cannon, and the Wizard character has a rocket launcher. The weapons of the Wizard and our main character are quite similar.

There are different game modes available in Cannon Hero Online. For example; In Fever Mode, we try to destroy the most enemies in a row.

Cannon Hero Online, which is generally successful, is a fun game that you can play to spend your spare time.

How to Play Cannon Hero Online?

When you first start the Cannon Hero game, you will be shown instructions on the screen. The controls are simple, just click and hold and Rocket Boy will start to ascend. If you let go, it will stop and shoot. If you don't, it will continue to aim upwards and only stop until it aims directly above it.

This means the Rocket Boy won't aim back if you keep holding it. So you will have to know when to stop so his ball will hit the enemy. Enemies are standing in a tower, so you have to aim up. The tower height is variable, so you need to aim from various angles to properly reach the enemies.

The character of the online game Cannon Hero Online is armed with a powerful bazooka that easily destroys everything in its path. But in order to defeat the enemies, the character must direct his shell exactly at the target. The situation is complicated by the periodic appearance of obstacles between him and his enemy. But we're sure you'll find a way to use these deadly weapons. You can adjust your shooting power by holding down the mouse, we wish you a good time.