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Goldie Princess Skin Doctor

Play NowGoldie Princess Skin Doctor

    These are acnes, blackheads, weird-looking hairs, fungal infections on her face... What would you do right after you cry out?

    Our beautiful Goldie Princess is in the same situation. Probably an ugly witch made magic to take away her beauty. But the science and the skincare products are more powerful than the magic, right. Let’s move on and save the eternal beauty of her. Not side by the bad and ugly witch. Be a good friend of a good and beautiful princess. In the future, you will be a beautiful girl like her.

    Let’s Save The Beauty of The Princess

    • Goldie Princess Skin Doctor is a dermatology game. You try to cure the dermatological diseases that Goldie Princess has.
    • In the game, Goldie Princess comes to the beauty spot you own. To cure the diseases in the princess’s skin, you should use your tools.
    • There are two ways to use the tools. One of them is you click some of the tools that the game spots you. After that, you click the spots that are spotted to you by the game.
    • The other usage is you grab the tool spotted you by the game. To use the tool you grabbed you should move your mouse cursor up and down. For example, makeup cotton. Consider, you really use cotton to clean something up.

    Goldie Princess Skin Doctor Walkthrough

    Grab your skincare products. We have a princess to save. A walkthrough:

    • When we get into the game the view is a total disaster. The face of the princess is invaded by ugly diseases. She seems so sad about this situation. But how? How can an amazing princess get these kinds of diseases? We don’t know.
    • We click the huge red play button to start the game.
    • On the screen, we see the apocalyptic face of the princess. We need to use our weapons against those skin diseases. We grab a tool to remove blackheads and acne.
    • There are a few hairs around the face of the princess. We cut them down by a scissor. After that, the game points out some funny-looking skin lifts. We scratch them down.
    • We don’t behave the princess’s skin well. Something should relax it. We apply some clay to relax her skin. When we click on the clay, the game applies it suddenly. After a while, we click the princess’s face to take it back.
    • We use a magnifying glass to look from a nearer point. There are lots of bacteria there. We apply antibiotic cream to tear them apart. We click the bowl of the cream and every single bacterium again and again. What is the matter with the princess? No one knows but this does not seem a normal development.
    • You should continue the game. The continual process of the game is much fun. We have no right to play the whole game.