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Hand Doctor Healing Experience Online Game

Play NowHand Doctor Healing Experience Online Game

Most child’s childhood dream is to be a doctor. When you are a doctor you spend your time healing and helping people. How awesome is that!

There is an online game based on being a doctor. Grab your medical tools and heal your patients’ hands. Yes, we said patients. Rather than the other doctor games, you have more than one patient to heal. Come on! There is an emergency.

Basics of Hand Doctor Game:

The medical issues are important. Even if there are no medical risks in this game you should know how you play this game. Guidance is always important.

  • Hand Doctor Game is the game that you try to heal the diseases and the wounds of the patients. In other words, you are a doctor who works on hand issues.
  • To use a tool, click on the tool. For example, you will be using tweezers to remove glass pieces from the patient’s hand. To do this, click on tweezers and click on the glass pieces in the patient’s hand.
  • Some tools need to be used by drawing circles in the relevant area. For example, ice cubes and medical creams are those kinds of tools. You click on them and draw circles on the area that has a disorder or a disease.
  • Some tools need to be removed after usage. You should just click on them to remove them after you use them.

Hand Doctor Game Walkthrough

We are diving into the depths of the operating room. Help needed!

In this walkthrough, we will be showing you how to play the game. As we mentioned a live experience is always better than the written texts.

  • As we open the game, we see an unhealthy hand with a lot of disorders like burnt and injuries. In the background, there are several medical pieces of equipment. It looks like the place is an operating room.
  • There are two different buttons on the screen. The tiny button on the left is to open the music or turn it down. The bigger button is to start the game. By the way, this button is glowing in the rhythm of a pulse.
  • We click on the button to start. There are several patients. We select the man with traditional Arabian clothes.
  • There are several burnt zones and wounds on his hand. Also, there is a glass that is stuck on the hand. Man, this guy is a train wreck. But as being handy doctors, we can save his hand.
  • First, we take pieces of glass with tweezers. After that, we apply ice cubes to the burnt zones. After that, we put on some medical creams on the wound zones. After we apply medical creams, we put on a pink plaster on the wound area. As time goes, remove it from there.
  • The other patients are yours, folks.