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Kill The Guy

Play NowKill The Guy

Developers don’t produce round-based shooter games anymore. Do you remember the legend of worms? They don’t exist anymore. What a shame!

Kill The Guy is a great shooter game to surpass this excess of good shooter games. Grab your best rifle to be a cold-blooded killer. What if you miss the shot? Huh! You will be dead, man. Literally a dead man. This wasn’t a friendly expression. To avoid death, you should kill. Natural law, huh?

Basics of Kill The Guy:

Kill The Guy is a terrific shooter to play. But it is a bit different than the other games. Do you wanna know the basics?

  • Kill The Guy is a round-based shooter game. It has pretty impressive graphic effects.
  • The first move always belongs to you. To kill the enemies, you click on the screen and hold it. When you release, you will be shooting your rifle. While you are holding, you should arrange the shooting angle wisely.
  • If you miss the shoot. Probably you will be dead.
  • If you kill the enemies by a headshot you gain double points for each enemy.
  • Just the level starts, you see the number of people to kill.

A Walkthrough on Kill The Guy:

Come on, folks. We have enemies to tear apart. Do you wanna join us?

  • When we open the game, we see fellas with several rifles.
  • First, we click on the weapon to select the weapon. We drag a little. The guy with the minigun seems fair enough.
  • We select it and we are on the first menu again.
  • We click on the start button to start the game.
  • There is a level selection menu. We start from the first level by clicking on the green start button.
  • There are three enemies to take down.
  • We kill the first one by a headshot.
  • Oh boy! The second enemy is killed by a ruthless headshot, too.
  • Boom! We take down the last enemy standing. We are literally a death machine. His body was torn down into pieces with lots of blood. This is my friends, the true way to take down a man.


Is there any chance to survive if I miss the shot in Kill The Guy?

Unfortunately, it is a rare situation. The one who draws his sword will die with the sword. Nany!

How can I get more points while I play Kill The Guy?

As we pointed out when you are playing free Kill The Guy unblocked, you can increase the point by killing the enemies with headshots. This will be working.

Can I play Kill The Guy on my mobile device?

Yes, you are able to play the free online Kill The Guy game on your mobile devices like Android and iOS. Since this game is a browser game, it will be working.