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Fish Coloring Book

Play NowFish Coloring Book

Painting is the most exciting and relaxing activity in the world. It is better for the children, obviously. Children can express their ideas and imagination. Imagination is the keyword for creativity. Every step towards improving imagination improves creativity, too.

Anyway, fishes are the most interesting creatures down the oceans. You can paint fishes online by using your computer. How? Fish Coloring Book is a painting game that you can paint fishes online. There are a lot of fishes in the game. Select a fish picture to paint then paint it whatever color you want. Remember, the realm is not the only path through art. Let your children paint let them draw whatever shape and whatever color they want. There should be freedom of speech in the case of art, too.

Basics of Fish Coloring Book:

Fish Coloring Book is an easy painting game. A guide will be beneficial every time. The knowledge below is the basics for this game.

  • Fish Coloring Book is a game that you can paint a different kind of fishes. You can use whatever color you want. You can use all the images you have.
  • To paint use your mouse. The left click is the only control.
  • You can choose one of the 16 colors to paint your image.
  • There are 8 different brushes of different sizes.
  • There are 3 different buttons in the game. The first one is to save your image. The second one is to clear the whole picture. The third button is the exit. You can go back to the selection.
  • Use more expanded brushes in the beginning. After that use the tinier brushes to add the details.
  • At the end of the day, there will be an amazing output of your imagination.

Fish Coloring Book Walkthrough

Select a picture to paint and say no more. Let your colors speak.

Today, we are selecting a picture in the Fish Coloring Book and paint it. Would you like to join us? It will be fun.

  • When we open the game, there is a pretty colorful start menu as expected from a coloring game. In the background, there is a drawing with warm colors. The background starts with warm colors and goes towards the cool colors.
  • We click on to choose a picture to start the game. There are several fishes on the screen. We can choose any of them. We decide to left the bottom corner. This a plump one.
  • This fish will be going to look like Dory from the animation movie Finding Dory. So, the body will be dark blue. The edges will be black. The tongue is good for red. To improve the feeling of depth we use a darker shade in the center.
  • Well done! We have a greatly drawn fish. You can print it if you want. To print, it saves the image and prints it with a printer.