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Retro Speed

Play NowRetro Speed

Hey folks? Are you into playing a retro game and get the nostalgic vibe? Then, you are on the right page. We are offering you Retro Speed.

It is not a racing game but you will cross everyone on the road by avoiding crashing them. The speed of the car will excite you during all the games. Also, the retro graphics and the bright colors of the cars are amazing and attractive. You can’t get enough of this game, we promise. If you are ready, jump into your seat and start the game!

If you want to play the game but don’t know how to play; we gathered all you need in the below. Just review and start right away to this great game!

How to Play the Retro Speed: Cross Everyone

  • Click the start button and ready yourself to play the game. You will be given a car in the color red. You are the only red car in the game to prevent any confusion. To play the game you can whether use your mouse, touchpad, or the right and left keys of the keyboard. Using the keys may be more comfortable to play with; just a reminder. Also, keep that in mind; the up, down, A, and D keys are not used for this game.
  • There is a four-lane road in the game and numerous cars are on the road randomly. All you have to do is move among them without crashing. If you crash the cars, the game will be over. Take advantage of the empty lanes and move toward them carefully. Try to cross as many cars as you can while you are moving on. The number of cars you have passed will be the score yours.
  • On the very left and right of the road there are black and white stripes which are the borders of the road. Besides crashing the cars if you move towards too much right or left you will crash to the borders of the road and the game will be over again. When you have failed the game, you can see your current score and your best score on the page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retro Speed

If you still have questions in your mind: here are we gathered some faqs and answers about Retro Speed for you. Let’s look them up!

Is there a multiplayer mode in the game?

No, there is not. It is only suitable for single players.

Can I adjust the speed of the car?

No, you cannot. The speed of the car is determined automatically by the game.

Is there a limit for starting over the game?

No, there is not! You can play the game over as much as you want.