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Pixel Art 2

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Everyone likes games that allow them to relax at the end of a tiring day. Pixel Art 2 is one of them. Like its name suggests this free browser game is about painting pixels and completing pieces. There are a big number of different available pictures. The concepts vary from games to pixel views.

What can you do in Pixel Art 2?

  • While Pixel Art 2 is a simple game, there are some things to be said about it. In this section, we will be focusing on what players can do in Pixel Art 2.
  • There are dozens of different paintings to choose from.
  • All of these pictures have their own color palettes. This helps keep the game interesting.
  • You can always take a break from any picture and paint another one. Your progress will be saved and you will also be able to continue later as you wish.

A Walkthrough for Pixel Art 2

In this guide we will be looking at everything Pixel Art 2 offers, let us get into it!

  • The game begins when you choose a painting.
  • By using the bar in the middle of the screen, you can zoom in to the picture. Numbers at the bottom of the UI are color numbers. The goal is to paint every pixel with the right corresponding color.
  • Painting over other colors is possible so there is no need to worry if you make a mistake while playing the game.
  • There aren’t any points or shops or high scores in this game. It is all about art and relaxing.
  • While the game has guidelines and set rules, you do not really have to follow them since there is no way to fail in this game.


Can you fail in Pixel Art 2?

No. Since there is not a point system or a lives system, you cannot fail in Pixel Art 2. If you make a mistake painting, you can always point over that mistake without any further issues.

Does your progress save when you quit Pixel Art 2?

Yes, it does. Your painting progress in the “My Works” menu carries over.

Can you turn off the music/sounds in Pixel Art 2?

Yes, you can. Music and sounds while nice can get repetitive and annoying after a while. To turn them off, simply use the settings in the main menu located at the bottom right corner.

Can you repaint the pictures in Pixel Art 2?

Yes, you can. You can re-visit any painting you have completed before and give it another shot.