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Snail Bob 8

Play NowSnail Bob 8

You are going to control a snail in this game and try to complete the stages which are designed in the form of puzzles. In fact, this is an interactive game which means that you have to interact with the objects to complete the stages. In addition to these, you have to collect the stars located on the map. Each stage has 3 stars and they are all hidden except the ones on the first stage.

Play Snail Bob 8

You can complete the stages without the need for collecting all the stars. All stages will be accepted as completed even if you don’t collect a single star but the fun part is collecting them when you play Snail Bob 8. There will be some objects blocking your way to move further. You need to figure out a way to keep the snail moving in order to reach the exit door of the stage. As you can guess, the game will be more challenging in line with how many stages you have completed.

How to Play Snail Bob 8

You will only use your mouse in to play Snail Bob 8. You can also use the spacebar in order to duck from the possible dangers but it is also possible to perform the same action by clicking on the snail. You will find the speed and direction buttons on the top right of the screen. You have to use these features from time to time such as running away from the enemies. There are different mechanisms that you need to solve to complete the stages and in such cases, these features are quite handy. You can be sure to spend quality time with this great game!