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Adam and Eve 7 Game

Play NowAdam and Eve 7 Game

    Players who are looking for a fun and addictive game should play Adam and Eve 7 as soon as possible. As the name suggests, you will play with the first men in the world. Your mission is to help Adam to run away from Eve. The game consists of stages and players have to solve different puzzles in each stage to continue playing. The first few stages are quite easy to solve however, the game will be more challenging as you progress.

    Play Adam and Eve 7

    Without a doubt, you are going to have plenty of fun when you play Adam and Eve 7. You will have to deal with prehistoric animals, overcome challenges, and keep Adam alive while he is running away from Eve. In case you will face a challenge that you cannot overcome, you can simply request a hint. Players have 5 hints when they start playing this amazing game. Thanks to these hints, you can easily solve the puzzles and let Adam run away from Eve as much as you can.

    How to Play Adam and Eve 7?

    Players do not have to worry about complex controls in this game. Anyone can easily play Adam and Eve 7 without any challenge. All you need to do is using your mouse to solve the puzzles and move Adam. You need to click on the items in the right order to open the way for Adam. Once you are done, then you can click on Adam to let him move. If you have opened the way as it should be, Adam will start running and complete the stage for you. If not, he will resist moving from his place.

    Adam and Eve 7 Walkthrough

    As in all games, we have recorded this Adam and Eve 7 walkthrough for our visitors.

    Thanks to this video, you can have a general idea about the game. In this way, you can evaluate whether this game will worth your time or not. However, we can guarantee that the game is funnier when you play it compared to watching the video that we play it. Without a doubt, you are going to enjoy your time while helping Adam to run away from Eve. Moreover, you can also play the other games in the series which have a similar concept.

    This concept is very popular on the internet in recent years. Therefore, we believe that you are going to love our Adam and Eve 7 walkthrough video a lot. In addition to this, we highly recommend you give a try to this amazing game. However, we would like to warn you that the game is highly addictive. Moreover, you can also give a try to other games in the series which we believe that you are going to love them a lot too. Let us know in case you have any further questions about this fun game we have offered for you.