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Tape It Up Online

Play NowTape It Up Online

Have you ever seen a production line? Man, this view is totally impressive. We bet you have never seen a more spectacular view than it. It is total chaos and there is always a production on something. How can they get confused, it is hard to know?

Tape it Up Online is a game that takes place on a production line. Weirdly we are not human. The character of Tape it Up Online is duct tape. We move by packing the boxes with our tape. Tape it Up, Folks!

Basics of Tape it Up Online:

Forget all the past endless runner games you have ever played. Tape it Up Online is totally different.

  • Tape it Up Online is a casual endless runner game with old-school 8bit graphics. Even if the graphics are old-school. The colors and the game is pretty cozy.
  • You are taper in the game and aim the tape the boxes up. When you start from one box, you end it while the other one comes.
  • If you fall on the production line, you will be failed.
  • To increase your points try to collect all the coins.
  • You move the taper by the left and right arrows on your keyboard.
  • If you click on the space when you failed, the level starts again.

A Walkthrough on Tape it Up Online:

Guys gather around! We will be on a glorious adventure in the production line.

  • When we open the game, we see a production line. We click on the green start button to continue.
  • The game counts down from 3 to start then the game starts.
  • The game starts fast. First, we start in the middle of the production line. Then suddenly we go left.
  • After that the box packed, we jump into the middle again. Splendid!
  • We pack 3 boxes in a row. Spectacular!
  • We go to the right and to the left in 2 seconds to collect more coins.
  • Hooray! We pack 3 boxes in a row.
  • Oops! We miss the fourth box. The game is over.


Are there any shields in Tape it Up Online?

Unlike the other free endless runner games online, Tape it Up Online doesn’t include shields or skates to defend itself. WE DIE LIKE A MAN!

Should I download the Tape it Up Online to play it on my device?

Relax, there is no such necessity. To play this endless runner game unblocked, the only thing you need is a properly working web browser. That’s all.

Can I play Tape it Up Online with my friends?

Unfortunately, this is no. Since there is no multiplayer mode in Tape it Up Online, you can only play this free online endless runner game just on your computer. Try to compete with your friend maybe?