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Ninja Legend Online Free Game

Play NowNinja Legend Online Free Game

A long journey is about to begin in this exciting action game. Join forces with a fearless ninja who single-handedly takes on an army of vicious villains. You need quick reflexes to beat them all, but you can collect lots of extra weapons and utility items throughout the game.

Prepare to become a legend in Ninja Legend! The magical and dark continent of stickmen is yours. You command everything here. But now, your lands have been occupied by the enemy! Can you fight alone to save the city?

More About The Game

As the commander of the whole city, you have the best weapons in your hands. What you need is to make the best use of them to win the war and save the city. Try not to be afraid of your enemies in this shooting game with dark graphics and keep aiming at other stickmen. You can swipe up and then left or right to set your aim with your weapons. Make sure to protect yourself with the shield when your enemy takes aim at you! You can choose between manual attack or auto-attack mode. Take care of your life energy, destroy your enemies and move on to new levels with better skills! Let's see if you really become a legend!

Ninja Legend is a fun adventure game where we try to reach the desired area by overcoming the challenging obstacles and monsters that we encounter with a ninja. There is a ninja in the game. We can control this ninja. With the ninja that we can control, we try to overcome the difficult obstacles and monsters that we encounter. We move forward by overcoming obstacles and monsters and complete the levels by reaching the desired area. By completing the chapters, we unlock new chapters and continue the game. Ninja Legend has emerged as a fun adventure game designed for us children's game lovers.

How to Play Ninja Legend?

While playing Ninja Legend game, you throw spears at enemy soldiers by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. You adjust the speed and direction of the spear according to the drag direction and amount. Your enemies also attack you with spears and swords. When the spear hits your enemies, their energy is reduced. Likewise, when your enemies attack you, your energy decreases.

The remaining energies of each warrior appear on the indicator just above them. The warrior whose energy is reset dies. When you kill all the warriors on the track, you complete the level and you gain the right to pass to the next level. You can buy more powerful spears, protective armor, and special attack weapons during the level transitions. In this way, you can continue playing the Ninja Legend game by starting the next levels and killing your enemies more easily.

Do you have what it takes to become a legend in this aim and shoot game? Quickly throw spears, knives, and other weapons at the enemies you encounter in your battles in the Kingdom.

Game Controls

  • Aim with mouse movement.
  • Attack with left click, use your shield, use objects, and more.