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Transmorpher 3

Play NowTransmorpher 3

    Have you ever seen alien invasion movies? What if those aliens were innocent, maybe their space shuttle had to make a forced landing? These green cuties are innocent. At least, we believe in that way.

    Transmorpher 3 is a game based on these alien cuties. There is a slimy green cute alien that its space shuttle had destroyed. It is stuck in the world and it tries to find its own way. Seeking destiny is a hard journey. Let’s be a fellow in its journey. It will be fun! Come on!

    Basics of Transmorpher 3:

    Our little slimy green pal is on an adventure. Let’s see how to be a fellow of this adventure.

    • Transmorpher 3 is a 2D platformer adventure game. Your goal in this game is to help the alien to achieve the endpoint.
    • You can move the alien by the arrows on the keyboard or your mouse cursor.
    • If you play the game with a mouse, the alien jumps by the left click.
    • If you play the game with the keyboard, the alien jumps by the upward arrow.
    • To activate mechanisms, you can jump on the green lights. If they turn red, they work.
    • Once you achieve the blue moving circles in the end, you pass the levels.

    A Walkthrough on Transmorpher 3:

    Let’s take our little slimy buddy for a walk. Do you want to go on an adventure with us? Alright, pals, adventure time it is.

    • As we open the game, we see the sad story of our little alien. It had to make a forced landing on a random planet.
    • We click on the green button to start.
    • We select the first level in the level selection section.
    • The game gives a choice in controls. We select the keyboard.
    • We go to the right. There is a green light there. Once we jump on it turns red.
    • After that, the mechanism behind it works. The platform above us comes to the down.
    • We jump across the gap. And end the first level, pals. This was pretty easy. Our little slimy alien seems happy.


    How many levels are there in Transmorpher 3?

    In this legendary free online 2d platform game there are 30 levels. Just after the first level, the game becomes so challenging.

    Can I play Transmorpher 3 on mobile devices?

    Yes. A great free 2d platform game like Transmorpher 3 can be played on iOS and also on Android. You are able to play Transmorpher 3 unblocked from your web browser on these mobile devices. There is no need to download.

    Are there more levels after the 30th level in Transmorpher 3?

    In this phase, you should be waiting for Transmorpher 4. For Transmorpher 3, there are no more levels than 30. It is the last episode.