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Santa Or Thief Online Free Game

Play NowSanta Or Thief Online Free Game

    Santa or Thief is a fun game where you will miss Christmas-time gifts. Your goal in this game is to dress up as Santa Claus as a thief. Thus, you can progress by stealing the gifts in the houses. Each stage has different challenges. As you progress by collecting gifts, the levels will be hard. That's why you should pay attention to all the difficulties that will come your way. You will be happy that this fun game has many different stages and various difficulties. If you are looking for a game that will challenge you and find fun, you are at the right place. You can learn detailed information about the game by reviewing our article. Come and let's get started with the details.

    Detailed Information About Santa Or Thief Game

    Do not forget that there are many things you need to pay attention to while stealing in this fun game. That's why we recommend that you carefully review the game's instructions. Here is the game guide that we have prepared for you.

    • You should use the keyboard and touchscreen while playing the game.

      Your character in the game aims to steal gifts. That's why you have to jump your character to get the gifts that come your way. You should use the W, A, S, D keys to make your character jump. If you are playing the game with a phone, you can move it with your touch screen.

    • You have to avoid the missiles that you will encounter in the game.

      At each stage, you collect gifts with your character. The rocket will be sent to you when you are collecting gifts. If the rocket hits you, your character will die. So you have to start the game again.

    • You have to try not to get caught by the parents in the game.

      While collecting the gifts in the game, the parents will be walking around in the stages you reach. If you get caught by your parents, your identity will be revealed. Since you will appear as a thief, the police will come and catch you. That's why you should collect the gifts quickly without being seen by the parents.

    • You should try to get the highest score in the game.

      You will earn points from the gifts you collect in each section. Your goal in the game is to pass all the levels and try to get the highest score. Therefore, you should collect all the gifts in the levels. Then move on to the other sections without getting caught up in difficulties.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Santa Or Thief Game

    We have answered your questions about the game below.

    What Happens If a Missile Hits YourCharacter In The Game?

    If a missile hits your character in the game, you will have to start the game from the beginning. That's why you have to dodge the rocket.

    Is it Possible to Pause the Game?

    It is possible to pause the game. You have to press the stop button located at the top right.