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Straw Hat Samurai

Play NowStraw Hat Samurai

Feeling like an actual samurai has never been easier thanks to Straw Hat Samurai! This game truly makes you feel the samurai culture with its effects, sounds, and graphics. If you are into sword fights, we are sure you will love this game! Your goal in the game is to clear areas from enemies. You do that by using your sword and killing them. There are many levels in the game. All these new levels represent new areas to clear and each of them gets harder. You can also play in the survival mode to improve yourself and beat your own scores! Either way, it is guaranteed to have a great time.

How To Play Straw Hat Samurai

Straw Hat Samurai is one of the best samurai games with its ease of play and many levels.

  • The game has two playing options. One of these options is the game mode and the other one is the survival mode.

  • The game mode starts with a tutorial teaching you the controls. In order to clear the areas and beat your enemies, you need to draw a line across their bodies. To move along the game, you need to either move your mouse to the edges of the screen or use the “A” and “D” keys. In any case, you want to stop you can press the spacebar. After you complete the tutorial, the game will explain the mission and its purpose.

  • The purpose of the game is this: There is a war between two tribes, and you need to protect your own tribe as a samurai. In order to do this, you need to clear the enemies from every area on the map you will see in the game.

  • When you move along the map and click on circles the game will start and you will see other samurais in front of you. You need to draw a line across their body to complete the level.

  • On the upper right side of the screen, you can see your score getting higher each time you kill a samurai. If you kill more than one samurai at the same time, your score will get even higher.

  • On the bottom left, you can see a bar. This bar shows how much power you have left. While you attack other samurais, they attack you too. You need to kill them before they can kill you.

  • On the map screen, you can click on the “I” button and see your game stats. These stats will show the time you spent playing the game, how many slashes you did, how many arrows have been fired at you, how many headshots you have, your overall score, kill count and etc.

  • If you choose to play in survival mode, you basically try to beat your own score by doing better every time. In this mode, you need to survive as long as you can before the enemy can lend 10 hits.

  • You can change the music and sound settings as well as the graphic quality in the game.