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Rebel Gamio Online Racing Game

Play NowRebel Gamio Online Racing Game

    Rebel Gamio is a multiplayer racing game with amazing challenges. If you are one of those people who do not like action, strategy, or combat games, this game might be the thing you are looking for. You can play the game either with your friends in a private room, or you can play with people that you do not know from all over the world. Either way, we assure you that you will have a ton of fun! The game is a racing game against time, so you need to be quick during the races. If you choose to have a private room, you can play with up to 5 friends. However, if you choose to play in a public room, you need to wait for components to join the game. This waiting time is 10 seconds. In those 10 seconds, a maximum of 5 people can attend the race. If no one attends the game, you can complete the track by yourself too which is as fun as playing with others.

    How To Play It?

    The game has very simple graphics and an easy-to-understand concept. You do not need to worry about how you will play. You just need to focus on being fast and winning the races which are what players exactly expect from a racing game. The game does not have a tutorial as it has obvious goals and elements in it that players can easily understand the purpose of.

    • It starts with the options of private and public rooms we mentioned above. After you choose your room, you will wait for other components to join, and soon after the race will start.

    • Your aim is to finish the race as quickly as possible. There is a time counter on top of the screen that shows you how much it takes to complete certain stages. Even though you become the 1st in the race, you can still beat your own score by decreasing the time it takes for you to complete the track.

    • The race has many obstacles in it. You need to get past these obstacles to reach the finish line. There will be trees you need to get past through, elevators you need to take, fires you should avoid, and bombs you should not touch. Also, there are levers you need to push and pull to open certain doors. These obstacles, make your job harder and can cost you a lot of time if you are not careful about them.

    • Along with being careful with these obstacles, you need to collect the bones on the track. The bones will help determine your place in the end. Another thing you need to collect is keys. Sometimes you need keys to open doors, in order to move along.

    • Don’t worry, there are helpful things on the track too. You will encounter speed bumps and jump zones which will speed you up and rescue you from a place you get stuck.