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Sand Sort Puzzle

Play NowSand Sort Puzzle

Let's see if you can solve all the puzzles in Sand Sort Puzzle. Can you put all the colored sand in the right vases in this challenging online game?

Sand Sort Puzzle developed by 2play is listed under puzzle category. The current version was released on January 5, 2022.

As soon as you start playing you will see a mixture of colored sand and a few vases that are completely empty. Your task here is to gradually transfer the water from one vase to the next until each vase takes on a single color. This may sound easy, but as you complete each level, there are more colors to line up and the number of empty vases decreases.

Each vase contains one or more different colored sands. In this puzzle game you have to move the sand into different vases until they all match and the flowers sprout. There are also different types of plants and backgrounds that you can buy with the points you earn.

Sand Sort Puzzle is a skill game where you transfer sand of different colors into vases until flowers sprout inside them. You only need to fill each vase with one color of sand. For example, all the pink sand needs to go in one vase.

More About The Game

With the Sand sort puzzle game, you try to place the mixed sand in the glass vases into separate vases. In each section, there are empty vases filled with mixed sand. Try to play a sand sort puzzle game by pouring the sand from the filled vases into empty vases and trying to put the same sands in one vase.

You cannot put different sand on any sand. So you poured green-colored sand into an empty vase first. You cannot put pink sand on this green-colored sand. For this, you have to think about your every move and leave a chance to make a move for the next. There is no move limit to complete the levels. So you can make as many moves as you want.

When each sand is placed in a separate vase, you complete the level and earn points. You can buy new flowers using your points and change the background screen image. When the vases are full, flowers appear on them. You have the right to undo your move five times. Your remaining revocation number appears at the top of the screen.

How to Play This Game Step by Step?

  • Touch and hold any vase to pour the sand into another vase.
  • You can pour the sand only if there is enough space in the vase.

Try not to get stuck. Don't worry, you can always restart the level whenever you want. Sand Sort Puzzle is a super addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours as you strategically arrange the colored sand inside the glasses.