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Foot Chinko Euro 2016

Play NowFoot Chinko Euro 2016

    Football is every people’s passion. People move from their homelands to follow their teams’ match. This event occurs especially during the continental football championships. Euro 2016 is one of them.

    Our great football game Foot Chinko’s new version Foot Chinko: Euro 2016 takes place in the time of Euro 2016. Show your passion for football in the streets of France. This is a great opportunity to do that. Spoiler about this page, we made a joke from a meme. Find it!

    Basics of Foot Chinko: Euro 2016:

    Foot Chinko is a classic game but it is possible that some people don’t know it. In this section, we clarify your mind about the “how-to”s about the game. Let’s learn people. Ignorance was never bliss.

    • Foot Chinko: Euro 2016 is a classic football game based on the group matches of Euro 2016.
    • You have several numbers of football players on the field.
    • The players with a green background are your players. Once they hold the ball a green arrow in front of them starts to go left and right. When you click on the screen you make a shoot.
    • The players with a red background are the opponent team’s players. They try to send away the ball. Don’t try to give them the ball.
    • In each match, you have limited balls. If your score will be lower when you end your limit, you lose the match. Try to use your shots wisely.
    • The goalkeeper will be moving frequently to make a shoot when an opportunity occurs.

    Foot Chinko Euro 2016 Walkthrough

    Raise your team’s wings to the glory. A walkthrough:

    We think this great game deserves a well-arranged walkthrough. Let’s see what the ingredients are of this legendary game. Passion? A little talent maybe?

    • When we open the game, we sense an amazing amount of passion. You can clearly see those feeling from the eternal fire in the background. Our player raises his thumb up. This means he is ready to be part of a competition. We see the French stadium of Euro 2016.
    • We click on the only button on the screen. It is the red triangle on the corner.
    • We see a level selection menu. We start with the match between Hungary and Austria. Wait, against whom? LOL!
    • We choose Hungary. On the team selection phase.
    • The game wants us two-goal against Austria to beat it.
    • We click on the red triangle to continue.
    • We start the match at 0-1. We made two scores in a row.
    • What! A naked fan is on the field. We shoot him by the ball. The game gives us four balls extra.
    • We beat Austria by a score of 4-1. The game’s expectation was only 2 goals. There should be always more of them, you know.
    • You can play the rest of the matches.