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Rabbit Samurai 2 Online Free Game

Play NowRabbit Samurai 2 Online Free Game

    Rabbit Samurai 2 is an arcade adventure game that will put you in full action mode! Have you ever seen a rabbit which is a samurai? Well, your answer is probably no if you haven’t played Rabbit Samurai. Don’t worry though, you can now see it in the second version of it! The game is filled with fun with its 29 levels that get harder each time. You are a rabbit and a samurai in the game and you complete levels by reaching the end of each level. The game is not a very easy one to play at first, but once you practice, you will get the hang of it. You need to show your samurai skills to complete each level. You can also replay the levels to beat your own scores. Also, rabbits are not the only cute thing in the game, there are also cute bees that you befriend along the way! Although the game has the word samurai in it, it is a very friendly and cute game. If you like samurais but want to spice them up a little bit, this game might be the perfect one for you.

    How to Play The Game?

    The game is easy-to-understand but it requires practice.

    • It will start with a screen that shows you the levels of the game. In order to unlock all the levels, you need to start from the first one and move forward. On the left side of the screen you can see how many carrots you collected and the bees you befriended. After you choose your level click on it twice to start playing.

    • The first level will start with small instructions that teach you how to move your rabbit. You can move it by with either your mouse or your Arrow Keys on the keyboard.

    • When you start moving your rabbit you will realize that it throws a hook. Wherever you throw this hook, your rabbit will move toward there. You can not throw your hook into a void though, you need to attach it to a wall or an object.

    • You will see carrots and bees in the path, how many of these you collect, determine how successful you are at each level. You can collect these by navigating your hook towards them. You can just reach the finish line without collecting any bees or carrots, however, it will not be as fun as collecting them. Carrots and bees give you a goal in the game. For instance, if you are playing with your friends, the number of carrots or bees you collect can be the determining factor in who is better at the game.

    • You can pause the game anytime you want from the upper right corner of the screen and you can also turn on/off the volume of the game from the same spot.

    • You can also change the hats of your samurai rabbit by watching videos. You can see the hats by clicking the rabbit under the pause button on the right upper side.