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Pocket Racing

Play NowPocket Racing

Hey folks! Do you want to step on the gas? So, the wheels are just under your fingers. We are here for you to present a great racing game. Pocket Racing game will allow you to play with loads of levels and several vehicle choices. You should speed up a little and be careful about the obstacles. Try not to fall, pass all the levels, and get full of the stars. Are you ready? If so, hold on tight, we are going to ride!

Riding Through the Pocket Racing: Get Your Speed Up

If you want to start the game immediately, you should know what you are going to do. Here are all you need to know before the game.

  1. You can start the game by tapping anywhere on the screen. Then it will be directed to the page that the levels are shown. You can see the lock icons for each level, you are going to unlock them as you level up in the game. You can move through the levels pages. There are 5 pages of levels and each page contains 12 levels.
  2. You can see a motorcycle icon on the left bottom, when you click them you can see the different types of vehicles. However, they are locked for a while but you can improve your vehicle for every 12 levels you have passed.
  3. For starting the game, you should click on the 1st level’s icon. You can direct the motorcycle (or other vehicles later on) by W, A, S, D, and arrow keys. You can go forward and back with these keys. If you press still W, D, up arrow, or right arrow keys, it goes forward; S, A, down and left arrow keys are for going backward.
  4. You can speed up by the press and hold the key. Especially, when you have to jump to high roads you should press and hold the key otherwise you have to start again. Also, try not to fall on the head of the icon to not start over. On some levels, there are some obstacles which you should avoid touching.
  5. For each level, you will be rated over 3 stars, if you want to full fill 3 of them you can always play again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pocket Racing

Here are the faqs and answers for you to review. All is for you to start the game without hesitation.

Can I pass two levels forward from the last one?

If you have not already passed that level, you cannot.

If I failed in one level, do I have to start over?

Of course, not! You can always continue from the level you failed. It is limitless.

Can I race with my friends?

No, you cannot. It is a single-player game.