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Squid Challenge 2

Play NowSquid Challenge 2

In Squid Challenge 2, the aim is to defeat all the enemies. Try every mode the game has to offer and choose the most fun. Do not let a single enemy defeat you. The only way to win in this game is to be patient and smart.

The whole world knows how hard it is to survive in these games. In Squid Challenge 2, the challenge has been doubled, making it even more difficult and fun. Now you have to be more careful to get out of here alive. By beating everyone, you can fill the piggy bank and return home with the prize money.

You are given the chance to change your life in this risky challenge. But nothing in this world is free. Therefore, you must willingly risk your life to try to get the money. If you can beat many dangerous playsets, you may finally be the winner. You are given many levels in this game. In each level, you will see different dangerous game rounds.

More About Squid Challenge 2

To win, you need to survive a total of six levels. There are new challenges alongside the famous and old ones like the Red Light-Green Light and the cookie challenge. The first level throws random heavy objects at you. You are expected to dodge these objects while running to the finish line. The second race shows you the placement of the shapes and requires you to memorize them to survive. The next three levels are the favorite games of the first challenge: the cookie race, the Red Light-Green Light, and the final fight. Have fun!

So How to Play Squid Challenge 2?

Six different competitions appear in the Squid Challenge 2 game. Again, in each competition, you have to pass to the next without dying. In the first competition, you have to reach the finish line without allowing the materials thrown from the opposite side to hit you, and if they do, you will die. In the second competition, square, triangle, and round shapes appear on 9 white square backgrounds, and you have to stay on whatever shape appears on the screen around the floor. Follow carefully or you will die.

In the third contest, there are two rotating blades and the pillow that can hit you while standing on the pole. You race by leaning on the pillow and jumping off the blades until the last person is left. Fourth competition green light red light competition You have to reach the finish line by running at the green light and stopping at the red light within 70 seconds. If you move on a red light, you will die.

The fifth competition is making shapes out of sugar cookies with a needle. Within seventy seconds, you have to carve it out so that the indicator on the right of the screen remains green. If the indicator on the right turns red, the candy will break and you will die. In the sixth and final contest to fight in the dormitory, the last survivor wins. Wait in the corner everyone kill each other, kill the last people and win. Play Squid Challenge 2 to survive and earn coins in the new series of the legendary series.