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Idle Miners Online Game

Play NowIdle Miners Online Game

Upgrading your operation in many ways and assigning tasks to your managers are just some of the game's priorities. In the Idle Miner guide, we have listed the steps you need to be successful in the game. Since Idle Miner game has Turkish language support, you will not have any difficulties while playing. It will be enough to follow the guide in the game.

Smartphone mining game Idle Miner is an amazing game for mining games lovers. Developed by Fluffy Fairy Games. This game is played when the screen is up, can be used when the game is open, or you can increase your income by selling idle mines when the game is closed.

Mining is really easy in Idle Miner. With the booster in the game, you have the opportunity to make double profit from your mine sales by watching the video. The game, which gives you super cash with daily rewards, gives "Skill" points for you to earn more from the mines when you reach the 14th day.

More About The Game

You will realize that you need a lot of cash to buy all the other mines. There are many methods you can use to double your income. You can click the play button at the bottom of the screen to watch video ads that double your revenue. You can watch these ads multiple times to increase the time this double boost is active. Play the game online, log out for a few hours, return to the game and watch an ad to double the money your workers collect for you. Finally, you can use your Super Cash to buy Income Boosters and Instant Cash.

How to Play Idle Miner?

When you start the game, you start with 1 well. You take a miner to this first well and control it with your hand. Then, you can sell the mines you bought with the help of the elevator to the Warehouse, and you can increase the number of these wells. For each Well, Elevator, and Warehouse, you can hire managers and make them work automatically. These managers you hire have some features and you can make employees faster and stronger.

When you start the game, you start with the coal mine. Then there are many mines such as gold mine, ruby ​​mine and diamond mine. You have yet to reach the Yakut mine. In some weeks, the Event Mine opens and you can get gold or super cash with the collections here. When we reach a certain level, the locks of the Workshop and Research Laboratory are unlocked. While you can increase the mines to come out faster in the Research Lab, you can increase the power of the Warehouse, Mine Well and Elevator workers in the Atelier. Idle Miner, which gives chests as a gift in the game, allows you to buy more gold by increasing the power of all your employees with the cards that come out in these chests.

With the Prestige part, you can increase the income you will receive from the Mines and the Offline Cash. In order to collect all the mines at the same time, you choose the collect from the map section, then you can collect the gold you will collect in one go and win twice by pressing the Collect x2 button.