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Play NowGlisserio

    Hello warriors, we have found a super fun game for you. With this game, you will have the opportunity to fight in deserted seas. This new and fun game is called Glisserio.

    We are sure that you will have a lot of fun in this game where you try to keep your ship intact by escaping from the mafias. That's why we want to give you detailed information about the game. By looking at this information, you will learn the basics of the game.

    You will have a very comfortable game time when you start the game with the basic information you will read about the game. That's why you can read our instructions article.

    More About The Glisserio

    • You need a mouse or a touchscreen to play the game
    • When you start the game, you need a mouse or touch screen to move your ship. With the touch screen or mouse, you can drag your ship in any direction.

    • You should stay away from mafias in the game
    • As you move your ship in the game, mafia ships will follow you. You must manage to stay away from these mafia ships that are constantly trying to hit you. That way, mafia ships cannot harm you. Thanks to a strategic plan, it will be very difficult for mafia ships to reach you.

    • You must collect the fuel marks
    • You will see many fuel signs while driving your ship at sea. By picking up these fuel marks, you can accelerate whenever you want by holding down the mouse. In this way, you will run away when the mafias come near you. But do not forget to bring the fuel marks to 100 as soon as possible.

    • You must avoid the bomb and acid barrels
    • In the game, mafia ships will try to hit you and sink your ship. There will also be bombs and acid barrels that he will throw at you. You have to escape these bombs and acid barrels fast.

    • You must complete the episode as soon as possible
    • While you are in the game, you will be in the left corner for a while. This time shows how long you have survived the game. It will be much better for you to finish the episode as soon as possible when your fuel tanks are full. Thus, you can easily progress in the game and compete with your score.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Glisserio

    We answer your questions about the game.

    Can I Mute the Game?

    While playing the game, the mute button will appear in the upper right corner. If you wish, you can mute the game with this button.

    How Can I Dodge Mafia Ships in the Game?

    When the mafia ships come over you, you can use the fuel you collect. If you hold down on your ship, your ship will start to accelerate. Thus, mafia ships cannot catch up with you.