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Fishing Online 1 with Pin

Play NowFishing Online 1 with Pin

Probably all of you have watched the classic animation movie called Finding Nemo. The main fish there was amazingly cute as you remember. Sometimes you would be in search of the game including that kind of fish.

If you are one of those people, we have great news for you. Fishing Online is a great casual puzzle game that you have that kind of fish. Our fish needs water. What should you do? You should bring water to it. It will be appreciating your generous behavior. Come on! Bring the water it needs. Go, go, go!

Basics of Fishing Online:

In this section, you will be able to learn the basic facts about our great game Fishing Online. Guidance is always necessary for the gaming universe.

  • Fishing Online is an easy hyper-casual puzzle game.
  • In that game, you have an orange fish that looks like Nemo from Finding Nemo. You should bring water to it to keep it alive.
  • To do that you should remove the pins wisely.
  • The things like lava will be harming the fish. You should avoid them.
  • To remove a pin, you should click on it and drag it in the direction it needed.
  • Sometimes the order of the removal is important. You should make your decisions in accordance with this priority.

A Walkthrough on Fishing Online:

We mentioned the basics of Fishing Online above. It’s showtime. You know, the show must go on!

  • We open the game. There is a happy and cute orange fish. We click on the red play button in the middle of the screen.
  • After we click, there is a level selection menu. We select the first level.
  • The only thing we do is to remove the pin. The fish is free now.
  • We click on the red button to move on.
  • To pass the second level we remove the pin under the water, not lava. We should release only water. After we release it, the fish becomes free again.
  • In the third level, first, we release the water into the lava, the water extinguishes the lava. Then we release the water into the fish. The fish is free again. Good job!


Can I change my fish?

Yes, like all the other good online puzzle games, you can change your fish by collecting star points. These star points come from your successes on the levels.

How many levels are there in Fishing Online?

In this online fishing game, there are 26 levels. These levels are distributed into 3 different stages.

How can I earn more star coins?

You can earn more star points by playing this fishing game well. If you end the levels of this puzzle game with great effort, you earn more star coins. The most possible point is 3 stars.