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Football Superstars 2022

Play NowFootball Superstars 2022

    Choose your team and you are ready to go. Then decide whether you want to play a friendly match or a tournament match.

    You can play this new football superstar both online and offline and all the features in this game are completely free.

    Brand new soccer superstars 3d mini characters and awesome sliding balls and other 3d animations are made for mini soccer game lovers.

    3 different soccer super star game modes, practice soccer game with easy soccer superstars and game mode and easy game mode with advanced soccer game AI, after defeating AI opponents, move on to next medium and hard levels.

    Play Football Superstars 2022 online for free!

    Get on the field now and fight for the most goals with good tactics.

    Football superstars 2022 is a fun football game where we try to beat the opponents we come across with the superstars of football. There are football superstars in the game. We play football with these superstars and the opponents we come across. We take the lead by scoring goals against the opponents and try to win the matches. We continue the game by winning the matches and facing new opponents. Football superstars 2022 has emerged as a fun football game designed for us children's game lovers.

    Play the brand new soccer game soccer superstar and enjoy the crazy real ultra-fast immersive soccer experience!

    Love action soccer but have time to practice? The easy-to-learn game controls of the new Football Superstars 2022 let you start the fun right away. Tap the screen to hit the ball and score goals! Experience football like never before in this new easy mini soccer game. Test your skills in a Friendly match or jump right in and lead your dream team in the world tournament against international teams.

    How to Play Football Superstars 2022?

    You can control your players with the arrow keys and shoot the ball with D. You can make a long pass with A and a simple pass with S. You can orient yourself and review your team with the map in the upper left corner. Time is running out, but it's not that bad because in Football Superstars 2022 you can play as much football as you want. Compete for the trophy and let this new mini sports game relieve your boredom.

    The game has two modes and 7 international teams to choose from. You can choose any team and play a Friendly match for yourself and your opponent, or you can choose a team and play the world tournament where the goal is to beat randomly selected teams and win trophies.