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Water Sorting Puzzle

Play NowWater Sorting Puzzle

Water Sorting Puzzle is a great game for everyone at every age who likes solving interesting puzzles. Puzzles have been in our lives for quite some time now. We turn to them whenever we feel bored or when we want to exercise our brains. Now there is a new fun way of solving puzzles with this game. It allows everyone with different puzzle-solving capabilities to enjoy solving puzzles. It has many different difficulty levels which makes it playable for even small kids! Also, let’s be realistic. There is no way of solving a puzzle like this in real life. Imagine pouring down all the water from one bottle to another. You will probably create a mess. Thanks to this puzzle, you can exercise your brain and have fun at the same time with the colorful bottles. Colorful water in the bottles is also very attractive for kids who do not like solving puzzles. Along with colorful graphics, the game has great sound effects that make you feel like you are actually pouring water from a bottle into another.

How To Play It?

The game has fairly easy controls. You only need your mouse and your fantastic brain to play! Because of the ease of controls, kids at every age can easily play the game without the help of adults.

  • The game starts with different difficulty levels. There are four of them which are: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. When you first start the game, you can start with the Easy level and then progress towards Expert. Or you can challenge yourself right away by trying an Expert puzzle!

  • Each difficulty level has many sub-levels in them. However, in order to play all of them you need to start from the first one. After you complete each level, a new harder one unlocks, and you can continue from there.

  • Once you start the sub-level you will see water bottles in front of you. These bottles will have mixed drinks in them, and your goal is to separate each drink into a separate bottle.

  • Each level gets harder and more complicated to solve, however with practice you can complete all of them. Also, no one enjoys solving very easy puzzles! We like them because they tire our brains!

  • On the upper left side of the screen, there is a button that you can click on to go to the main menu. Next to that button, you will see the retry button. You can use this button when you want to start doing the puzzle from scratch. Sometimes things can get very complicated, and you may need to refresh everything. Finally, next to the retry button there is a skip button. When the level gets too hard to complete and you feel like you can’t solve the puzzle, you can skip it by clicking on the skip button and watching a video. Don’t worry or be sad if you skip a level because there are still a ton of them!